Ag 4 Youth

Ag 4 Youth

What They Do:

Give at-risk children a positive, life-changing experience: • Offer hands-on ranch training in an after school community that supports them from ages 9 through 19. • Provide the caring supervision of adults in a safe, structured, outdoor learning environment. • Youths learn about ranching, hard physical work, and the reward from contributing to a team.

Youth see how both education and saving their earnings from the sale of their livestock help prepare them for college or trade school. As a team and in a safe, structured environment, they learn the skills they need to sidestep boredom and peer pressure. The grounding influence of good, honest work coupled with caring for animals has a positive impact on youths during a critical developmental time in their lives.


For reasons not within their control, some children miss out on owning, raising and selling their own fair animals. Ag 4 Youth empowers at-risk children by giving them (and supporting them through) this incredible opportunity – changing their lives forever.

~ Paul Irwin, President, Bell Products

Business Partners:

Bell Products Logo

Bell Products, Inc. believes in helping community youth through the hard work and rewards of ranching. They will match the first $5,000 donated to Ag 4 Youth.

  1. Patricia Walker
  2. Nadia Valenzuela in honor of Coben and Alexis Alexander
  3. Greg McGrath
  4. Jennifer Byram
  5. Anonymous
  6. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller
  7. Cheryle Stanley
  8. Bell Products, Inc in honor of matching funds
  9. Napa Business Network
  10. Il Posto Trattoria in honor of Dine & Donate
  11. Athletic Feat
  12. Betsy Van Dyne
  13. Ray and Tanya Wiggeer in honor of Burt Brace
  14. Paul Irwin
  15. Anonymous
  16. Verna Steinhauer
  17. Anonymous
  18. Verna Steinhauer
  19. Anonymous
  20. Sarah Kane in honor of Susan Kane
  21. Grania Lindberg
  22. Hilary Zunin in honor of Zenzu and Susan
  23. Anonymous
  24. Kendra Bruno
  25. Anonymous
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  27. Carol Glaser
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