Aldea Children & Family Services

Aldea Children & Family Services

What They Do:

Aldea believes every family in our community deserves to be healthy and whole. They improve people’s mental health so they can strengthen relationships and become engaged in the community. Through critical services – mental health treatment, foster care, adoption, and support — Aldea helps more than 3,900 people annually who face obstacles to accessing and receiving effective treatment.

Aldea serves people with mental health challenges, youth in need of a permanent loving home, and adults with developmental disabilities who would not otherwise receive the critical support needed to thrive. Aldea enables children to begin to heal from past trauma, families to build healthy relationships, and adults with developmental disabilities to remain independent.

By empowering people to achieve emotional wellness before their challenges become more entrenched and difficult to treat, Aldea increases the safety and wellness of the community for all of us.


Through therapeutic support, I realized that what was most important was getting our children back, which became our sole focus. This ultimately made the experience a positive one and actually helped us become a closer and more engaged family.

~ Frank Sr., client parent

Business Partners:

Strength Meets Strength Foundation is matching gifts to Aldea up to $1,000.

  1. Anonymous
  2. Sheila Grandfield
  3. Cindy Bannister
  4. Phillip Blake
  5. Susan Tough in honor of Collabria donation In Memory of Dolli Francis
  6. Bruce and Carole Heid
  7. James and Suzanne Bronk
  8. Patricia Simpson
  9. Anonymous
  10. Anonymous
  11. Marcia Hadeler
  12. larrrry posner
  13. Anonymous in honor of Mentis donation: Patrick Carr
  14. david simundson
  15. Melinda Walker
  16. Carol Nelsen
  17. Kelli Marchbanks
  18. Margaret C Hendricks
  19. Barbie Jamieson
  20. Anonymous
  21. Anonymous
  22. Natalie Griffin
  23. Sandy Haroutunian Hansen
  24. Howie Broxton
  25. Steve and Janell Bradley
  26. Anonymous
  27. ZD Wines on behalf of Scott Billeci
  28. Anonymous
  29. Charles Donnelly
  30. David Bantly
  31. Marcia Hadeler
  32. Margaret Craig
  33. Harris Nussbaum
  34. Tina Newsome
  35. Paul Irwin
  36. Jemma Williams
  37. Anonymous
  38. Lisa Pedemonte
  39. Sheryl deLeuze
  40. Denise Flaherty
  41. Anonymous
  42. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  43. Marilyn Page and Jim Test
  44. Judy Morhar
  45. Sue Kesler in honor of Fred Kesler
  46. Anonymous
  47. David and Lana Stanley
  48. Mary Butler
  49. Anonymous
  50. Virginia Berry in honor of Melissa Berry
  51. Donna & Mike Mertz
  52. joseph sholders
  53. jacqueline jackson
  54. Hilary Zunin in honor of Zenzu and Susan
  55. Allen Davis
  56. Sandra Re Sims
  57. Diana Griffin
  58. Anonymous
  59. Anonymous
  60. John Lemanski
  61. Anonymous
  62. Anonymous
  63. Dorothy Hearn
  64. Anonymous
  65. Nancy Gilien in honor of Thea Gilien
  66. Anonymous
  67. Wendi Piscia
  68. Michele Farhat
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