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Canine Guardians

What They Do:

Empower PTSD/disabled veterans to live a more independent life by providing them with specially trained assistance dogs at NO cost. Our dogs aid with physical needs, address/soothe emotional wounds, wake their vet from nightmares, and help them feel safe in public. They calm, comfort, adore, and love them.

In 2012, the VA pulled support for service dogs, but ask any veteran if their service dog has saved them and they’ll say, “Absolutely! Dogs save lives, marriages, and families!” Our Canine Guardian dogs have demonstrably positive, long-term impact!

Local students/adults raise our puppies in their own homes while receiving essential bi-weekly guidance and skills training for/with their dogs. CG dogs are taught physical commands:  pick up dropped objects, open and retrieve items from refrigerators, grocery shop, turn on/off lights. They block/protect the back side of the veteran in public, pop a corner (check a room/hallway for safety before entering), and more.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Puppy Parents:  foster our dogs for one year of love and socialization. Regular training required.
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising Help
  • Website Design
  • Newsletter Production

Business Partners:

Our thanks to Marcia Hadeler, Realtor at Coldwell Banker, for providing additional funds to Canine Guardians through the Give!Guide.


I was a Corps helicopter gunner. After I got out, I roller-coastered with extreme emotions. If sad, I was distraught; angry, I went ballistic. Then, I met Liberty! My wife credits Liberty with saving me/marriage.

~ - Reid Clark, Marine veteran

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