Collabria Care

Collabria Care

What They Do:

Collabria Care is the leading center for community-based care delivery and resources in Napa County and beyond, for those facing the transitions of aging, serious illness, or end of life. Our three main service areas are Hospice, Palliative Services, and the Day Program — which specializes in care for adults with Alzheimer’s or other dementia.

Collabria Care serves the residents of Napa County with exceptional professional health care, expert resources, and compassionate support. In 2016, 145 employees and 148 volunteers helped to make our services available to more than 3,000 community members. Collabria Care offers Alzheimer’s Services to help patients function at the highest level possible, and Chronic Condition Services to assist those suffering from a chronic illness. Palliative Services offers medical care for progressive or advanced illnesses. Collabria Day Program provides rehabilitative therapies, social engagement stimulation, and respite relief to families and caregivers, and provides physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort for the final phase of life.


You are truly angels on earth and we will always remember your tender loving care of my dad, JD, and how all of you kept us going through that most difficult time.

~ Grateful family member of a hospice patient

Business Partners:

All donors receive a coupon for 20% off one item from The Roost Napa.

  1. Sharyn Fuller in honor of the memory of Elanor L. Meyer and Wesley N. Meyer
  2. Patricia Leopold
  3. Greg McGrath
  4. Joan Foresman
  5. Phillip Blake
  6. Cory & Melodie Roche
  7. Teresa Bernards
  8. Brian & Brenda Hunt
  9. Susan Tough in honor of Collabria donation In Memory of Dolli Francis
  10. katherine wade
  11. Joanne Sutro
  12. Bruce and Carole Heid
  13. Tanya Mahaphon in honor of Collabria Care in Honor/Memory of Gerald Sundrud
  14. Paula Fields
  15. Anonymous
  16. Anonymous
  17. Paulette LITZ in honor of The mother of Bill Allen
  18. Paulette LItz in honor of Mother of Mark Perkins
  19. Art & Kathleen Morgan
  20. Anonymous in honor of the memory of Norma Rugg
  21. Joyce Wiggin in honor of Helen Wiggin
  22. david simundson
  23. Carol Nelsen
  24. Kelli Marchbanks
  25. Robert & Carolyn Passmore
  26. Julia Winiarski
  27. Margaret C Hendricks
  28. Anonymous
  29. Barbie Jamieson
  30. Anonymous
  31. Malcolm Mackenzie
  32. Ellen & Don Wulf
  33. Anonymous
  34. Julie Spencer
  35. Susan Flagg and Carlo Rocca
  36. Anonymous
  37. Anonymous
  38. Jessica J. Harcourt
  39. Cameron Silva
  40. Anonymous
  41. Anonymous in honor of Sheila Allen
  42. Sandy Haroutunian Hansen
  43. Mark Andersen
  44. Terry Wunderlich in honor of Bill Reilly
  45. Coby Jamieson
  46. Howie Broxton
  47. Nancy Kuhn
  48. Anne Gustin
  49. Harriet Spitz in honor of Marty Spitz
  50. Anonymous
  51. susan mcgraw
  52. Patricia Peterson in honor of Alice Machesky, Marilyn Leal, Peggy Tompkins
  53. Mark Freund
  54. Margaret Craig
  55. Harris Nussbaum
  56. Michael Conroy
  57. Anonymous in honor of In memory of Lawrence R. Barker
  58. Linda Wuichet
  59. Cathy Sullivan
  60. donna & joe Aita
  61. Lynda Deus
  62. sarah galczynski
  63. Joann Jex
  64. Anonymous
  65. Anonymous
  66. Lisa Pedemonte
  67. Ruth Barney
  68. Anonymous
  69. DEBRA RE
  70. Hilary Zunin
  71. Markley S. Sutton, Ph.D.
  72. Judy Morhar
  73. Anonymous
  74. Christine Ochs
  75. Colleen May
  76. Grania Lindberg
  77. Penny Pawl
  78. Penny Pawl
  79. jacqueline jackson
  80. Anne McMinn
  81. Anonymous
  82. Anonymous
  83. John Lemanski
  84. Janet Cannizzaro
  85. Sam and Joan Fromowitz
  86. Jeffrey Jesmok
  87. Emily Schmidt
  88. Jessie Quigley
  89. Anonymous
  90. Carol Glaser
  91. John Lansingh
  92. Vhea Poppe
  93. Anonymous
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