What They Do:

Partner with individuals and families coping with serious illness, the transitions of aging, or the end of life. Provide care and expert resources in three main service areas: Hospice, Palliative Services, and the Day Program- which specializes in care for adults with Alzheimer’s or other dementia.

Individuals of all ages are served at Collabria Care. In 2015, 125 employees and 130 volunteers helped to make our services available to more than 2,500 community members. Collabria Care is a community-based organization dedicated to honoring the whole person and supporting individual choices. Patients and their families receive gentle care, vital information, and respect. In short, Collabria Care is a trusted partner during life’s most difficult transitions.


My brother began to relax. A sense of calm took hold. Tim told me that the last month of his life under hospice was one of the best times of his life. He stopped worrying and started to enjoy the things that made him happy.

~ Mike K., Caregiver

Business Partners:

Humanitas Wine Logo

During November and December, mention Collabria Care and the Give!Guide at Humanitas Wines and receive a 10% discount on wine purchases plus secure a 10% donation for Collabria Care. At Humanitas Wines, customers always drink charitable!

  1. Malcolm Mackenzie in honor of Mr. & Mrs. James Rogers
  2. Anonymous in honor of Friends
  3. Tina Newsome
  4. Joan Foresman
  5. Phillip Blake
  6. Cory & Melodie Roche
  7. Cheryl Zammataro in honor of Shanda and Eldon Solomon
  8. Stephanie Cash
  9. Anonymous
  10. Greg McGrath
  11. Anonymous
  12. Art&Kathleen Morgan
  13. Sharyn Fuller in honor of Wesley and Eleanor L. Meyer
  14. Jill Hancock
  15. Barbie and Will Jamieson
  16. Anonymous
  17. Sherri Fidel
  18. Anonymous
  19. Ellen & Don Wulf
  20. Joanne Sutro
  21. Jeffrey Palumbo
  22. Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth (Sunrise Horse Rescue)
  23. James and Suzanne Bronk
  24. Paula Fields
  25. Grant Totten in honor of Mary Alice Burke
  26. Barbara Miller
  27. susan mcgraw
  28. Anonymous
  29. Sandy and Dean Hansen
  30. Gerane W. Park
  31. Lee/Judy Morhar
  32. Paulette Litz in honor of If Given a Chance -in honor of Kate Devine, Collabria in memory of Bill Devine
  33. Anonymous
  34. Anonymous
  35. Sheryl deLeuze
  36. Robin Rose
  37. Jill Pahl
  38. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  39. Duane McGrath in honor of The McGrath Family
  40. Harriet and Marty Spitz in honor of Mrs. Sally Jenkins
  41. Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Deveau Berry
  42. Barbara Barter
  43. Harvest Scaduto-Duhig
  44. Sam and Joan Fromowitz
  45. Julie Spencer
  46. Anne & Chuck McMinn
  47. Anonymous
  48. Billie Hewitt
  49. Kelli Marchbanks
  50. Patricia May
  51. Anonymous
  52. Jeff Jesmok
  53. Bob and Doris Klein
  54. Anonymous
  55. Danielle Bryce
  56. Donna Altes
  57. Markley S. Sutton
  58. Janet Cannizzaro
  59. Thomas and Stephanie McNicholas
  60. Gail Lansingh
  61. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of my late mom, Ginnie Groth, on the 100th anniversary of her birth
  62. Anonymous
  63. Anonymous
  64. Anonymous
  65. Anonymous
  66. Karoline Hall
  67. John Lansingh
  68. Carol and John Glaser
  69. Dorothy Hearn
  70. Wendy Cole
  71. Daniel Wolter
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