Community Action of Napa Valley

Community Action of Napa Valley

What They Do:

CANV believes no one should live in poverty. We offer daily emergency assistance along with tools and skills to rebuild lives through a network of programs including the Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Child Development & Family Program, Quit Smoking, Samaritan Family Shelter and the Culinary Social Enterprise.

Community Action of Napa Valley improves lives and increases self-sufficiency for Napa’s vulnerable community. From Calistoga to American Canyon, Pope Valley to Carneros and everywhere in between, CANV feeds the hungry, serves the elderly and reaches out with dignity and respect to local people living in poverty.

We work with the entire community to identify new causes of poverty, isolation and neglect, to identify solutions and to implement proven strategies to meet new challenges.

Other Ways to Help:

•   Volunteer to deliver meals.
•   Volunteer to serve meals at a Senior Congregate Meal location.
•   Participate in a food sorting party.
•   Join the Napa Food Project, an ongoing food drive sponsored by Napa Valley CanDo.
•   Write letters to local, state, and federal lawmakers.
•   Volunteer at a pantry distribution location.
•   Purchase one-time infrastructure items (fuel, bedding, school/art supplies, dishes).
•   Donate used bags and/or reusable bags.
•   Encourage your family and friends to get involved and/or volunteer.
•   Glean local produce.

Business Partners:

Bank of Stockton, Redwood Credit Union, and Merrill Lynch/Bank of America all support CANV and the Give!Guide by distributing the Guide and sending out mailers.


CANV brings health and hope to Napa County by supporting the vulnerable in meeting their basic needs and working together to create a community where lives flourish and all matter.

~ - J. Hurtado - Board Chairman

  1. Joan Foresman
  2. Anonymous
  3. Janice Taylor
  4. Greg McGrath
  5. Andy Demsky
  6. Jennifer Byram
  7. Susan Tough
  8. Jane Zastrow
  9. Anonymous
  10. Veronica Ortiz
  11. Halley Lauer and Quinn Arntsen
  12. Artemisa Medina
  13. Anonymous
  14. Melinda Walker
  15. Ellen Blakey
  16. Christina Jennings
  17. James and Suzanne Bronk
  18. Anonymous
  19. Sandra and Dean Hansen
  20. Bob and Donna Holder
  21. Phillip Blake
  22. Phillip Blake
  23. Anonymous
  24. Carol Lilleberg in honor of Hope Lugo and Evie Trevethan
  25. Denise Flaherty
  26. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Miller
  27. Anonymous
  28. Bob Fioretti
  29. Carol Poole
  30. Don & Ellen Wulf
  31. Emily Schmidt -
  32. Anonymous
  33. Barbie Jamieson
  34. Marie Dolcini
  35. Marvin and Jean Sakakihara
  36. Julia Winiarski
  37. betsy cipriano
  38. ZD Wines in honor of Brianna Brockmeyer
  39. ZD Wines in honor of Chris Musante
  40. Anonymous
  41. Julie Spencer
  42. Ismail and Candy Akman
  43. buck donnelly
  44. Linda Price
  45. Hilary Zunin in honor of ...the CanDo Spirit as embodied in volunteers throughout our communities. It takes a Valley!
  46. Andrea Marquardt
  47. Kathy Mosher
  48. Suzanne Meigs in honor of "we are all ONE family"
  49. Harris Nussbaum in honor of Johanna Muth / Sunrise Horse Rescue
  50. Anonymous
  51. Anonymous
  52. Anonymous
  54. Paula Brutocao
  55. Barbara Stone
  56. Christine Ochs
  57. Bruna Nieri
  58. Anonymous
  59. Kelli Marchbanks
  60. Anonymous
  61. John Thorngate
  62. Anonymous
  63. Ann Schwartz and Gina Kulik
  64. Mark Andersen
  65. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  66. Craig and Carol Battuello
  67. Mary & Michael Herzog
  68. allison saether
  69. James Jones
  70. Phil Rapp
  71. Jeffrey Richard
  72. Anonymous
  73. Penny Pawl
  74. Anonymous
  75. Markley Sutton, Ph.D.
  76. Anonymous
  77. Donna Mertz
  78. Anonymous
  79. kathy wade
  80. Anonymous
  81. Anonymous
  82. Anonymous
  83. Bill and Susie Ashby
  84. David and Lana Stanley
  85. Stephanie Turnipseed
  86. Anonymous
  87. Carol Nelsen
  88. John Adams
  89. Anonymous
  90. Judith Cahill-Bravo in honor of the memory of Arthur Bravo
  91. Michael Borck
  92. Larry and Adrienne Amdahl
  93. Doug Marx
  94. Catherine Adams
  95. Paul Reiser
  96. Jacqueline Jackson
  97. Vicki Green
  98. Anonymous
  99. Marilyn OConnell
  100. Linda Methven
  101. Linda Jesmok
  102. John Lansingh
  103. Anonymous in honor of Anonymous
  104. Wendi Piscia
  105. Anonymous
  106. Carol Glaser
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