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COPE Family Center

What They Do:

Provide comprehensive services and support for the highest risk families in Napa County. Help families step out of crisis into stability to prevent child abuse. Cope’s Family Resource Center, parenting classes, support groups, and emergency services give parents the tools they need to meet the physical and emotional needs of their children.

Founded in 1972 after a child abuse-related death, COPE began as a volunteer grassroots organization focused primarily on child abuse prevention. Our vision that all children in Napa County are healthy, safe, and have opportunities to reach their full potential, is still critically important. Our mission is to empower families to create happy and healthy lives for their children through child abuse prevention, parent education, and self-sufficiency services.

COPE is now a comprehensive family resource center that provides a diverse range of preventative and early intervention services aimed at helping families reduce their daily stressors and lift themselves out of poverty. On average, COPE serves 2000 families annually from every background, ethnicity, and economic level.


We didn’t know how to manage our son’s behavior and we began to lose hope. Then we discovered Cope’s parenting programs. Cope was able to give us the parenting skills to better support our son, making a huge difference in our lives and his.

~ Cope client

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