COPE Family Center

COPE Family Center

What They Do:

Provide comprehensive services and support for the highest risk families in Napa County. Help families step out of crisis into stability to prevent child abuse. Cope’s Family Resource Center, parenting classes, support groups, and emergency services give parents the tools they need to meet the physical and emotional needs of their children.

Founded in 1972 after a child abuse-related death, COPE began as a volunteer grassroots organization focused primarily on child abuse prevention. Our vision that all children in Napa County are healthy, safe, and have opportunities to reach their full potential, is still critically important. Our mission is to empower families to create happy and healthy lives for their children through child abuse prevention, parent education, and self-sufficiency services.

COPE is now a comprehensive family resource center that provides a diverse range of preventative and early intervention services aimed at helping families reduce their daily stressors and lift themselves out of poverty. On average, COPE serves 2000 families annually from every background, ethnicity, and economic level.


We didn’t know how to manage our son’s behavior and we began to lose hope. Then we discovered Cope’s parenting programs. Cope was able to give us the parenting skills to better support our son, making a huge difference in our lives and his.

~ Cope client

  1. Anonymous
  2. Sheila Grandfield
  3. Sharyn Fuller in honor of the memory of Elanor L. Meyer and Wesley N. Meyer
  4. Margret Smetana
  5. Joan Foresman
  6. Phillip Blake
  7. Cory & Melodie Roche
  8. Katy Howard
  9. Brian & Brenda Hunt
  10. Maryellen Vander Sluis in honor of Matthew Vander Sluis
  11. Susan Tough in honor of Collabria donation In Memory of Dolli Francis
  12. katherine wade
  13. Bruce and Carole Heid
  14. Karen and Kyle Brocker
  15. Anonymous
  16. Anonymous
  17. Gayle O'Kelley in honor of Jackie O'Neil
  18. larrrry posner
  19. david simundson
  20. Melinda Walker
  21. Anonymous in honor of Sarah
  22. Carol Nelsen
  23. Margaret C Hendricks
  24. Howard and Melinda Speight
  25. Anonymous
  26. Malcolm Mackenzie
  27. Anonymous
  28. Ellen & Don Wulf
  29. Anonymous
  30. Anonymous
  31. Jennifer Morse
  32. Anonymous
  33. Natalie Griffin
  34. Earl and Trudy Bouligny
  35. Mark Andersen
  36. Michael Herzog
  37. Anonymous
  38. Anne Gustin
  39. Valerie O’Pry
  40. Anonymous
  41. susan mcgraw
  42. Betty Labastida
  43. Mark Freund
  44. Anonymous
  45. Charles Donnelly
  46. Margaret Craig
  47. Robert Fioretti
  48. Teresa Reynolds
  49. Anonymous in honor of Boyd Morrison
  50. Harris Nussbaum
  51. borden wright
  52. Anonymous
  53. Howard & Angela Stockwell
  54. Sheryl deLeuze
  55. James & Nancy Henry
  56. Marilyn Page and Jim Test
  57. Sue Kesler in honor of Fred Kesler
  58. Anonymous
  59. David and Lana Stanley
  60. Anonymous
  61. Paula Brutocao
  62. Mary Butler
  63. Judith Waggoner
  64. Colleen May
  65. Michael Borck
  66. Donna & Mike Mertz
  67. Anonymous
  68. jacqueline jackson
  69. Hilary Zunin in honor of Zenzu and Susan
  70. Anonymous
  71. Anonymous
  72. Anonymous
  73. Janet Cannizzaro
  74. Sandra Re Sims
  75. Vicki Green, Ph.D.
  76. Cathy Adams
  77. Carol Glaser
  78. John Lansingh
  79. Anonymous
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