Friends of the Napa River

Friends of the Napa River

What They Do:

Inspire our next generation of river enthusiasts and environmental stewards through classroom presentations, hands-on field trips, community education, and outreach. Increase awareness about the river as a valuable resource. Represent the public at project reviews affecting the Napa River. Advocate for completion of the Living River Flood Control Project and for improved public access to the river.

Increase knowledge of the Napa River as a valuable but impaired resource. Keep the river clean and build a community of river stewards. Advocate for improved public access to the river and bring the community together to celebrate it. Inspire pride of ownership for the community-driven, innovative, and visionary investment in a living river. Collaborate with conservation groups, county agencies, and private land owners to monitor and restore river and tributary health. Speak out about the Napa River to ensure that it is protected for generations to come.


The Friends of the Napa River are not only invested in working to improve and safeguard the health of our watershed. They expend a lot of energy to teach our future leaders, the children of our community, the importance of being good stewards of our beautiful valley.

~ Louann T.

Business Partners:

Donations of $20 or more receive a coupon from Napa Valley Paddle for 10% off inflatable paddle boards and paddles, or 10% off any equipment rental.

  1. Phillip Blake
  2. katherine wade
  3. Rebecca Miller
  4. Kendra Bruno
  5. david simundson
  6. Melinda Walker
  7. Carol Nelsen
  8. Robert & Carolyn Passmore
  9. Malcolm Mackenzie
  10. Laurie Puzo
  11. Ellen & Don Wulf
  12. Pamela Jackson in honor of Bernard
  13. John and Terri Howell
  14. Jessica J. Harcourt
  15. Alison Rodriguez in honor of Domingo Rodriguez
  16. Sandy Haroutunian Hansen
  17. Mary Herzog
  18. Bernhard Krevet
  19. Anonymous
  20. Patricia Peterson in honor of Alice Machesky, Marilyn Leal, Peggy Tompkins
  21. Il Posto Trattoria in honor of Dine & Donate
  22. Marie Dolcini
  23. Janice Beglau-Taylor
  24. Nancy and David Garden
  25. Janice Dwayne Mathews
  26. Kyle Mizuno
  27. Leslie Erickson
  28. Anonymous
  29. Rainer Hoenicke
  30. Denise Flaherty
  31. Thomas Kennelly
  32. Chris Francis in honor of Darcy Aston
  33. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  34. Sarah Aguilar
  35. Janelle Sellick
  36. Joe & Diana Wilcox
  37. Sally Buchanan
  38. Beth Painter
  39. Grania Lindberg
  40. Penny Pawl
  41. Anonymous
  42. Anonymous
  43. Barbara Barter
  44. Kendra Bruno
  45. Karen Garcia
  46. Wendy Cole
  47. Rodger Adams
  48. Erica Ahmann Smithies
  49. Patricia May in honor of [email protected]
  50. Christina and Jason Benz
  51. Cathy Adams
  52. Carol Glaser
  53. Shari Gardner
  54. damian may in honor of Paul May
  55. Bernhard Krevet in honor of Ursula Krevet
  56. Lisa Alexander
  57. Hilary Zunin
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