What They Do:

Build community awareness of the river as a valuable but impaired resource. Ensure the completion of the Living River Flood Control Project. Advocate for improved public access to the river. Inspire our next generation of environmental stewards and river enthusiasts. Bring the community together to celebrate the Napa River.

Represent the public at project reviews affecting the Napa River watershed. Collaborate with conservation groups, Napa County agencies, and private landowners to monitor and restore river and tributary health. Advocate for the Napa River to ensure that it is protected for generations to come.


Whenever I am in downtown Napa at Veteran's Park, Oxbow Commons, the Riverfront, I am grateful for the diligence and perseverance of FONR in their support of creating places for our community to gather at the river.

~ Arvis Northrop, volunteer

  1. Malcolm Mackenzie
  2. Kendra Bruno
  3. Willem & Lena Demsky
  4. Cory & Melodie Roche
  5. Suellen Darblay
  6. Nancy Herbst
  7. Christina W. Jennings
  8. Andy Demsky
  9. Carol Dick
  10. Jeff Ehrlich
  11. Jessica Harcourt
  12. Hilary Zunin
  13. Rainer Hoenicke
  14. Ellen & Don Wulf
  15. Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth (Sunrise Horse Rescue)
  16. Bonnie Richardson
  17. James Hawker
  18. Grant Totten in honor of Mary Alice Burke
  19. Erica Kincaid in honor of Kathryn Obrien
  20. Anonymous
  21. Kathryn Tolman in honor of June Moroney
  22. Kathryn Tolman in honor of Clyde Tolman
  23. Trish Danby
  24. Sandy and Dean Hansen
  25. bruce Troup
  26. Linda Dietiker-Yolo in honor of Peggy Van Patten
  27. Norma Ferriz in honor of Upper Valley Girl Scouts that love the River!
  28. Karen Scriven
  29. Gerane W. Park
  30. Carol Poole
  31. Penny Pawl
  32. William Mink
  33. Robin Rose
  34. Kyle Wood
  35. Karen and Jay Schuppert
  36. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  37. Grania Lindberg
  38. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  39. Anonymous
  40. Judith Sears
  41. Camille Kaijankoski
  42. Jean Whelan
  43. Anonymous
  44. Leslie Erickson
  45. Kelli Marchbanks
  46. Anonymous
  47. Anonymous
  48. Anonymous in honor of Bob Kelly
  49. Rick Chessman in honor of Jadyn chessman
  50. Sandra Re Sims
  51. Norma J. Neil
  52. Patrick Kenealy
  53. Shari Gardner
  54. Donna Altes
  55. Anonymous
  56. Anonymous
  57. Anonymous
  58. Anonymous
  59. Wendy Cole
  60. Anonymous
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