Girls on the Run Napa & Solano

Girls on the Run Napa & Solano

What They Do:

Empower healthy girls. Combine life-skills curriculum with experiential activities, engaging talks, and running or just moving. Give tools for choosing positive over negative self-talk, movement over sedentary lifestyle, satisfaction over negative body image, and healthy friendships over destructive relationships. 1,100 girls annually are empowered, focusing on low-income households (75%) and diverse ethnicities (73%).

Women leaders volunteer and use nationally researched curriculum. This includes lessons on visualization, expressing feelings with “I” statements, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, healthy eating, exercise, bullying prevention, and emphasizing that beauty is inside-out.

Small groups of 8 to 13-year-old girls meet twice a week for ten weeks in the spring and fall at 60 school sites. Girls experience the gift of giving through a community project and the power of achievement by finishing a non-competitive 3.1 miles/5K run.


A father shared that the impact has been very positive for both his daughters and that they learned a lot. In particular, his 8-year-old uses communication strategies of reflection to help her at school and deal with emotional situations. The tools she learned are shared with her teachers and counselors. She also has the medal that she earned from the 5K in her special box, to remind her of her major accomplishment.


Business Partners:

Napa Noodles - GOTR

For the months of November and December all corkage fees will be donated to GOTR.

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  10. Michele Grupe in honor of Staff and volunteers of nonprofits who helped with fire recovery efforts.
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  21. Howard and Melinda Speight
  22. Ellen & Don Wulf
  23. John and Terri Howell
  24. Julie Spencer
  25. Alex Farber
  26. Jessica J. Harcourt
  27. Alison Rodriguez in honor of Sharon and David Crary
  28. Melinda Dittman
  29. Michael Herzog
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  34. Janice Beglau-Taylor
  35. Margaret Craig
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  53. Danielle Schofield
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