What They Do:

Provide mentoring, guidance, and financial assistance to support Napa County high school graduates who have overcome tremendous obstacles. Increase access to formal and non-formal learning opportunities and help students grow into responsible, caring, and contributing members of society.


For 21 years, I have watched IGAC help courageous high school students who have overcome tremendous obstacles advance their education beyond high school. Its mentoring & financial assistance has made them stronger members of our Napa Valley Community.

~ Congressman Mike Thompson

  1. Philip Jerome
  2. Malcolm Mackenzie
  3. Janell Bradley
  4. Jillian DeLeon
  5. Amy Koos in honor of my mother, H. Pat Blackmar
  6. Joan Foresman
  7. Phillip Blake
  8. Anonymous
  9. Melinda Walker
  10. Anonymous
  11. Christina W. Jennings
  12. Stephanie Cash
  13. Anonymous
  14. Bruce & Carole Heid
  15. Jeff & Elaine Siefert
  16. Sue Berry
  17. Anonymous in honor of Jeremiah Hart
  18. Robyn Cherwin
  19. Anonymous
  20. Anonymous
  21. Nadya Cueto
  22. Jeff Ehrlich
  23. Anonymous
  24. Julia Winiarski
  25. Jill Hancock
  26. Barbie and Will Jamieson
  27. Donna Holder
  28. Hilary Zunin
  29. Anonymous
  30. Anonymous
  31. Cindy Bannister
  32. Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth (Sunrise Horse Rescue)
  33. Shawbuck Design
  34. Julia Newberry
  35. Anonymous
  36. Robert Fioretti
  37. James Hawker
  38. Alison Rodriguez
  39. Anonymous
  40. Mary Butler
  41. Anonymous
  42. Trish Danby
  43. Dave and Sherlyn Zumwalt
  44. Lindsey Pogue in honor of my family, Katie and Shawna Pogue
  45. Anonymous
  46. Karen Scriven
  47. Gerane W. Park
  48. donna Aita
  49. Paulette Litz in honor of If Given a Chance -in honor of Kate Devine, Collabria in memory of Bill Devine
  50. Norma Beltrami
  51. Carole DeBell
  52. Leigh Sharp
  53. Karen and Jay Schuppert
  54. Anonymous
  55. Anonymous
  56. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  57. Terry Beck in honor of Kathy Horton
  58. Harvest Scaduto-Duhig
  59. Anonymous Anonymous in honor of Lee and Christine Hart
  60. Carol and Ken Nelsen
  61. Leslie Erickson
  62. Linda Rose
  63. Joe & Debby Escareno
  64. Debra Re
  65. Sandra Re Sims
  66. Anonymous in honor of Mrs. Deborah Walden of ACMS and NVYS
  67. Markley S. Sutton
  68. Anonymous
  69. Anonymous
  70. Kathleen de Vries
  71. John Lansingh
  72. Carol and John Glaser
  73. kurt Schultz in honor of len zunin and richard t. schultz
  74. Richard Faenzi and Peggy Eriksen
  75. Anonymous
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