Loving Animals Providing Smiles

Loving Animals Providing Smiles

What They Do:

Create smiles by bringing certified therapy pets to Napa’s most deserving residents:  children with behavioral and learning challenges, incarcerated teens, seniors in memory care, patients in skilled nursing facilities. Train volunteer/pet teams to the highest safety standards. Dogs, cats and mini-horses share their furry love with young and old.

Each LAPS volunteer bringing a pet into service attends a six-week training class, is tested to the highest standards, and is mentored for three months. LAPS accepts dogs, cats, bunnies, mini-horses and mini-donkeys as therapy partners.

LAPS teams made a difference in the lives of over 1,700 Napa residents in 2017, spending hundreds of hours providing safe, effective and enriching animal-assisted interventions.

In 2018, LAPS celebrates 17 years of service to challenging and often overlooked populations. Our volunteers maintain a safety record that is second-to-none while connecting with clients of all ages and abilities.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Consider volunteering with your pet as a LAPS Therapy Team to bring joy and personal connections into the lives of deserving individuals.
  • Share the good work done by LAPS volunteers through word-of-mouth and social media.
  • Help us realize our long-term goal of acquiring a dedicated training space by donating or leasing an under-used building that we could tailor to our specific needs.

Business Partners:

Our thanks to Holzapple Construction for providing matching donations to LAPS through the Give!Guide.

We thank Peter Heitz of Shypoke Wines for a special opportunity offering.

dreamcatcher graphic smWe thank Dreamcatcher Labradors and Sisters Boutique for a special opportunity offering.





Our community loves to have the LAPS teams visit regularly as they bring such pleasure to our seniors and give them a sense of pure joy and unconditional love."

~ Robin S., Manager, senior assisted living facility

  1. Joan Foresman
  2. Joan Grant Sullivan
  3. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of family and friends
  4. Lynn Skillings
  5. D Colette Williams
  6. Nadia Valenzuela in honor of Elizabeth Cahill
  7. ZD Wines in honor of Teresa D'Aurizio
  8. Wendy Bruce in honor of Linda Wargo and Hef
  9. Anonymous
  10. Kathleen Montgomery in honor of 1) TRCNB's Dedicated Board of Directors and Amazing Volunteers and 2) NVCanDo's and NVGive!Guide's Remarkable Team of Volunteers
  11. Nancy Fireman in honor of hilary zunin and her tireless efforts to help others
  12. carlo rocca
  13. Anne S. Percelay
  14. Diane and Peter Dexter
  15. Anonymous
  16. Susan Briggs in honor of Lucky and Annie
  17. Richard and Kristen Kramer in honor of Gwenn McKenzie
  18. Marilane Bergfelt in honor of Loving Animals Providing Smiles Volunteers
  19. Laura Peabody in honor of The LAPS training team and volunteers
  20. Anonymous
  21. Hilary Zunin in honor of ...Yeshe Tschupel
  22. Barbie Jamieson
  23. Anonymous
  24. Bonnie J. Myhre and Jeffrey P. Schaffer
  25. Julia Winiarski
  26. ZD Wines in honor of Brandon deLeuze
  27. ZD Wines in honor of Barbie Jamieson
  28. ZD Wines in honor of Brianna Brockmeyer
  29. ZD Wines in honor of Leah Zanetell
  30. ZD Wines in honor of Jill Billeci
  31. ZD Wines in honor of Scott Billeci
  32. Anonymous
  33. Tom Weidinger and Karen Culler
  34. Jeff Mays
  35. TerryAnn Wargo in honor of Linda Wargo
  36. Sheryl deLeuze
  37. Linda Wargo
  38. Michelle Antonio in honor of Buddy's retirement after 10+ years of service with LAPS.
  39. Anonymous
  40. Laura Peabody-Park in honor of In memory of Suzi Q and the other LAPS angels
  41. Julie Osborn in honor of My Precious Therphy Dog, Bogy
  42. Jane Cunningham in honor of Mandy, Goldie & York
  43. Nancy Large
  44. Judi Kannon
  45. Barbara M Pacey
  46. Deb Dennis in honor of Frosty
  47. Mark Park in honor of the LAPSer guys - a great group of volunteers
  48. Emmy Clausen
  49. Julie English in honor of Gwenn McKenzie
  50. Anonymous
  51. Gayle Rider in honor of our mom, Ginnie Groth, and sisters Joy and Gwenn
  52. Anonymous
  53. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of family and friends
  54. Anonymous
  55. Anonymous
  56. Anonymous
  57. Anonymous
  58. Betty Butler
  59. Jenny Duke in honor of the memory of Virginia Groth
  60. Rabobank N.A. in honor of Matching Funds
  61. Deassa Binstock
  62. Anonymous
  63. Penny Pawl
  64. Jessica Harcourt
  65. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of family and friends
  66. Natalie Taylor in honor of The Fabulous people of LAPS
  67. Joy Kramer in honor of Volunteers and Jillian
  68. Anonymous
  69. Anonymous
  70. Sheryl deLeuze
  71. kathy wade
  72. Anonymous in honor of Michelle Antonio PG&E Matching Funds
  73. Anonymous
  74. Anonymous
  75. Anonymous
  76. Rian Lindley
  77. Bill and Susie Ashby
  78. Bill Imada in honor of Ms. Anita Howe
  79. Judi Kannon
  80. Carol Nelsen
  81. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of Giving Tuesday
  82. Nancy Large
  83. Holzapple Construction Inc. in honor of Matching Funds
  84. Nancy Large
  85. Larry and Adrienne Amdahl
  86. Joy Kramer in honor of Sisters
  87. Melanie Oberting in honor of Our old dog Indy
  88. Anonymous in honor of Eli
  89. Bill Thomas
  90. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of my dad, Jack Groth, on the anniversary of his birth
  91. Diamond Mtn Stables
  92. Anonymous
  93. Julie Osborn
  94. Joy Kramer in honor of Volunteers and Jillian
  95. Kristin Einberger
  96. Anonymous in honor of the memory of Isabelle Devean Berry
  97. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of the wonderful volunteers making our community better, stronger, more loving
  98. Linda Wargo
  99. Anonymous
  100. Joy Kramer in honor of Jillian
  101. Heather Graves in honor of Irene
  102. Dianna & Rob Mobley in honor of Zack the Border Terrier - forever in our hearts (2001-2018)
  103. Anonymous
  104. Richard Faenzi & Peggy Eriksen
  105. Linda Methven
  106. Karen Swain
  107. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of my favorite veteran, Bob McKenzie: husband, father, photographer
  108. Anonymous
  109. Anonymous
  110. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of my mom, Ginnie Groth, who enjoyed being our faux senior at team training
  111. Kathleen Tucker in honor of Zoe and Maya
  112. Judi Kannon
  113. Joy Kramer in honor of Ginnie Groth, Happy Birthday, Mom.
  114. Don Payne
  115. Mary Taylor
  116. Cathy Sullivan in honor of All my beautiful and loving pets.
  117. Judi & Barry Kannon
  118. Wendi Piscia
  119. Sheryl deLeuze
  121. Laura Peabody in honor of Harriett Peabody, who loved being a LAPSer's Gramma
  122. Julie Zavidniak
  123. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of All the wonderful volunteers who make our community stronger
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