What They Do:

Create smiles by bringing certified therapy pets to Napa's most deserving residents: special-needs children, incarcerated teens, and seniors in assisted living. Train volunteer/pet teams to the highest standards of safety and effective animal-assisted therapy. Dogs, cats, and mini-horses share their furry love with young and old alike.

Each Loving Animals Providing Smiles (LAPS) volunteer attends a six-week training class, is tested to exacting national standards, and is mentored for three months before becoming fully part of a fully-active therapy team. LAPS teams make a difference in the lives of nearly 2,000 Napa residents each year with safe, effective, and enriching animal-assisted therapy services. LAPS is celebrating 15 years of service to challenging and often overlooked populations. Our volunteers maintain a safety record that is second to none, while connecting with clients of all ages and abilities.


Our community loves to have the LAPS teams visit regularly as they bring such pleasure to our seniors and give them a sense of pure joy and unconditional love.

~ Robin S, facility manager

Business Partners:

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Donors entered into a random drawing for 1-hour Life Coaching Session from Lauri Lynn Deits and two 5-hour genealogy searches from Leafing Out Family History Research.


  1. Dian Dooley
  2. Anonymous in honor of Friends
  3. Eric Robinson
  4. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of all of our wonderful volunteers, friends and family
  5. Joan Foresman
  6. Nancy Large
  7. Anonymous
  8. Patricia Leopold in honor of my dearly departed first Giant Schnauzer, Gabriella and my dearly departed mother Natalie McMichael
  9. Kathleen Tucker in honor of Zoe
  10. Anonymous
  11. Laura Peabody in honor of Loving Animals Providing Smiles
  12. Julia Winiarski
  13. Sharyn Fuller in honor of Wesley and Eleanor L. Meyer
  14. Jessica Harcourt
  15. Hilary Zunin
  16. Peter and Diane Dexter
  17. Leslie Farwell in honor of Tom Garcia
  18. Anonymous
  19. Krysten Stepke
  20. Erin and Jason Hooten in honor of Bob McKenzie
  21. Judi Kannon
  22. Sheryl deLeuze
  23. Joy Kramer in honor of Christmas
  24. Dottie and Ric Deems
  25. Karen and Bob Mueller
  26. Monica Stevens
  27. Anonymous
  28. Taylor, Charlie and Andrew Park in honor of Koda Bear, Laura and Mark
  29. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of Bob McKenzie
  30. Linda Wargo in honor of Arthur and Patricia Wargo
  31. Rabobank Napa
  32. Anonymous
  33. ZD Wines on behalf of Scott Billeci
  34. ZD Wines on behalf of Brandon deLeuze
  35. ZD Wines in honor of on behalf of Leah Zanetell
  36. ZD Wines in honor of on behalf of Teresa D'Aurizio
  37. ZD Wines in honor of on behalf of Brianna Brockmeyer
  38. Lana and Gary Groth in honor of Ginnie, Gaye and Joy
  39. Jenny Duke in honor of Ginnie Groth
  40. Joy Kramer in honor of Christmas
  41. Marie Dolcini
  42. Joan Sullivan
  43. Julie English in honor of Gwenn, Lucy and Annie
  44. Eric Peabody in honor of Peabody-Park
  45. Lisa and Bob Varady
  46. Il Posto Trattoria in honor of matching funds
  47. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of Friends and Family for a wonderful holiday
  48. Sheryl deLeuze
  49. Penny Pawl
  50. Anonymous in honor of Nancy Large and Roxy
  51. Anonymous in honor of [email protected]
  52. Gaye Rider in honor of our mom, Ginnie Groth
  53. mckenzie kramer in honor of volunteers in Napa county
  54. Karen and Jay Schuppert
  55. Karen and Jay Schuppert
  56. Joy Kramer in honor of Christmas
  57. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  58. Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Deveau Berry
  59. Anonymous in honor of Arlene Walker and Lottie Baker
  60. Marilane and Ben Bergfelt
  61. Gayle Keane and Greg Hoellwarth in honor of LAPS 15th Anniversary of touching so many lives
  62. Kris and Leslie Martinson in honor of Nancy and Roxy Large for a Merry Christmas
  63. PG&E Foundation Matching Gift in honor of Michelle Antonio
  64. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of Lucille Myron & Family
  65. Anonymous in honor of Carolyn Lenzi
  66. Anonymous in honor of Lola Olson
  67. Beckett & Elsie Yeates in honor of Kannon Family
  68. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of Lisa McWilliams and Michelle Antonio for their service to LAPS
  69. Anonymous
  70. Anonymous
  71. Anonymous in honor of Harley Deits
  72. Terri Deits in honor of Harley Deits
  73. Dianna Mobley in honor of Chuck Thomas
  74. Kathleen Tucker
  75. Anonymous
  76. Evan Massaro in honor of Norma Ferriz and her Girl Scout Troop and our three dogs
  77. Tina Wielandt
  78. Joy Kramer in honor of our mom, Ginnie Groth, and all the good work you do.
  79. Tina Wielandt
  80. Thomas Stanton in honor of Susan Kane
  81. Laura Peabody-Park in honor of Helen Marie and Kim & Tundra and Kaytee, without whom Suzi Q and I would not have found LAPS
  82. Anonymous
  83. Anonymous
  84. Norma J. Neil
  85. Michael Borck
  86. Linda Wargo
  87. Kristin Einberger in honor of Fairfield Senior Day Program
  88. Ellen Martin
  89. Vickie Allen in honor of Wilmot and Ethel Allen
  90. Stuart Bockman
  91. Nanci Knight
  92. Kimberley Leslie in honor of Kaytee
  93. Michelle Antonio
  94. Mark Park in honor of LAPS' associate members and training team
  95. Wendi Piscia
  96. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of my late mom, Ginnie Groth, on the 100th anniversary of her birth
  97. Anonymous
  98. Anonymous
  99. Laura Peabody-Park in honor of Suzi Q
  100. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of Ginnie Groth
  101. Larry and Adrienne Amdahl
  102. Jane Cunningham
  103. Val Murphy
  104. Karen Frisinger
  105. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of The volunteers of Loving Animals Providing Smiles
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