Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny

What They Do:

Provide affordable, quality live entertainment including plays, musicals, readings, and comedy. Audition process is open to everyone and performances are accessible to the entire community. Offer summer camps and youth activities centered on theatre and music. Their Community Arts Center is available to Napa nonprofits for meetings and special events.

The cornerstones of our business model are professional quality, affordability, accessibility, and community. We have built a successful theatrical organization by keeping our overhead low (no paid staff), our creativity and collaboration very high, and by providing something few others can match locally.

Attending professional quality theatrical productions or concerts in the Bay Area is cost-prohibitive to large segments of our community. We fill that gap by keeping prices low and accessibility high.

We not only offer the community a chance to meet and enjoy shows, but we offer them a chance to participate on stage, backstage, or front of house.

Our lobby often feels like a community reunion as patrons share their experience with friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.


I can’t imagine life in Napa without Lucky Penny. My kids have performed in their professional productions alongside veteran actors, an experience you can only get in big cities! The theater also serves as a community builder. I have run into neighbors and even recognized my barista in the lobby.

~ Hilary Wendel, parent

Business Partners:

Donors over $100 receive show passes at increasing levels.

Jud's Hill Winery - Lucky Penny

Donors over $249 receive special wine tasting for two at Judd’s Hill Winery.

ABC Bakery - Lucky Penny

First $2,000 will be matched by ABC Bakery/Café.

  1. Liesl M. Seitz Buchbinder
  2. Jennifer Byram
  3. Sue Berry
  4. Erica Pickett
  5. katherine wade
  6. Anonymous
  7. Kathy Merritt
  8. Diane and Peter Dexter
  9. Anne Percelay
  10. Anonymous in honor of Mentis donation: Patrick Carr
  11. david simundson
  12. Melinda Walker
  13. Anonymous
  14. Robert & Carolyn Passmore
  15. A Benton Bledsoe
  16. Ellen & Don Wulf
  17. Anonymous
  18. Karen Scriven
  19. Anonymous
  20. Melinda Dittman
  21. Howie Broxton
  22. dawn black
  23. Bonnie Richardson
  24. donna Aita in honor of Ava Burrell
  25. Anonymous
  26. Robert Fioretti
  27. Barbara McConnell
  28. Jerry and Louise Levitin
  29. Harris Nussbaum
  30. Anonymous
  31. Anonymous in honor of In memory of Lawrence R. Barker
  32. Anonymous
  33. Joann Jex
  35. Pat Hildreth
  36. Leslie Erickson
  37. Heather Stanton
  38. Tanya Mahaphon
  39. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  40. Markley S. Sutton, Ph.D.
  41. Alexis Baking Company in honor of matching funds
  42. Sue Kesler in honor of Fred Kesler
  43. David and Lana Stanley
  44. Anonymous
  45. Stuart Bockman
  46. Joe & Diana Wilcox
  47. Andrea Long
  48. Christine Ochs
  49. Penny Pawl
  50. allison saether
  51. Donna & Mike Mertz
  52. Chris Wendel
  53. Anonymous
  54. Elizabeth Bush
  55. Kathleen Lightner
  56. Lenore Hirsch
  57. Anonymous
  58. Joyce Nichols
  59. jacqueline jackson
  60. Hilary Zunin in honor of Zenzu and Susan
  61. Warren Nelson in honor of Dylan Maykel
  62. Karen Garcia
  63. Sandra Re Sims
  64. Mary Ann Formosa
  65. Anonymous in honor of those lost & homes lost in Napa fire
  66. Jean E. Pihl
  67. Carol Glaser
  68. John Lansingh
  69. Laura Reaka
  70. Anonymous
  71. Jeff Bristow
  72. Anonymous
  73. Dan & Diana Monez
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