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What They Do:

Provide bilingual professional mental health services to residents throughout Napa County of every age, stage, and income level. Equip people with the tools they need to live emotionally healthy lives, creating a community of enduring strength. They are the only local mental health provider that accepts uninsured clients.

Each day Mentis’ staff of clinicians work to counsel, support and coach those who need help overcoming the hurdles that life throws at all of us. They provide access to mental health care that is affordable, close to where people live/work, and specific to a client’s language and culture.

Mentis continues to serve with the substantial increase in need across all age groups for mental health treatment due to multiple incidences of natural disaster, violence, and fear of deportation.

Everybody needs support at times and without Mentis in our community, many people would needlessly suffer in silence.

Other Ways to Help:

Mentis is developing a new comprehensive volunteer program including an Ambassador Program. Positions include:

  • Mentis Ambassador
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Event Volunteer, day of event only
  • Development Committee Member
  • Press Release Writer
  • E-newsletter Writer
  • Success Story Writer
  • Gala Committee Member
  • Finance Committee Member
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • IT Consultant(s)

Business Partners:

Our thanks to WSI NextGen Marketing for providing matching funds and a special opportunity to donors of Mentis through the Give!Guide (See above).

Our thanks to KVON/KVYN for offering a special opportunity to donors of Mentis through the Give!Guide (See above).


I am so proud to donate and volunteer for Mentis. The need for mental health services has radically increased since the fire. Mentis stepped up to help those traumatized and facing profound life challenges.

~ Linda Parzych ,Realtor & Gala Volunteer

  1. Anonymous
  2. Richard Faenzi & Peggy Eriksen
  3. Christopher Barefoot in honor of John Henry Martin
  4. Christopher Barefoot in honor of Richard Purkey
  5. John Lansingh
  6. Dr. Bret Johnson
  7. Laura Webb in honor of My mom
  8. Rob Weiss
  9. Kim Brown Sims
  10. Sarah Moore & David Begler in honor of Mentis staff
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