Napa County Bicycle Coalition

Napa County Bicycle Coalition

What They Do:

Improve the quality of life for Napa County residents by making riding a bicycle safe, convenient, and accessible for riders of all ages and abilities. Conduct targeted bike safety education and advocacy programs. Promote infrastructure improvements. Strive to make riding a bike a viable option for everyday transportation and recreation.

Through targeted education programs, policy and advocacy campaigns, and community-focused events, Napa County Bicycle Coalition is making Napa County a truly bike-friendly community. The Safe Routes to Schools program will provide on-bike safety education to over 1,000 kids across our community this school year.

Policy and advocacy campaigns hold elected officials accountable and help ensure the safety of our streets and roads.

Community programs like Napa BikeFest and Bike to Work Day highlight the benefits of riding a bike, and introduce new or inexperienced riders to how easy and fun it is to ride a bike.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Sign up for our Action Alerts email list to stay up-to-date on bike issues in our community.
  • Volunteer at a Bike Rodeo, or our Valet Bike Parking program.
  • Get outside and ride your bike! There’s nothing better you can do to promote a bike-friendly community than riding a bike yourself.


Nothing is more important than keeping our kids safe. Between the Safe Routes to Schools program, our bilingual Family Biking Workshops, and focused policy campaigns, we are making our streets safer for everyone.

~ Felix Riesenberg, Board Chair

  1. Robert and Carolyn Passmore
  2. Janice Taylor
  3. Susan Tough
  4. Anonymous
  5. Carol Lilleberg in honor of Hope Lugo and Evie Trevethan
  6. Jeff Ansley
  7. Hilary Zunin in honor of ...Yeshe Tschupel
  8. Christina Benz
  9. Danielle Schmitz
  10. Julie Tingle
  12. Grania Lindberg
  13. Anonymous
  14. Kelli Marchbanks
  15. Mary & Michael Herzog
  16. Jeffrey Nichelini
  17. Anonymous
  18. Dame Rahal
  19. Janelle Sellick
  20. Douglas Cole
  21. Anonymous
  22. Bob Hillhouse
  23. David and Lana Stanley
  24. Darrell Hulford
  25. Cruz Correa
  26. Anonymous
  27. Anonymous
  28. Anonymous
  29. Lou Penning
  30. Maureen Theunissen
  31. Anonymous
  32. Anonymous in honor of kids that ride bicycles
  33. Anonymous
  34. Anonymous
  35. Anonymous
  36. Carol Nelsen
  37. Anonymous in honor of Donald Trump
  38. Terry Tracy
  39. damian may in honor of Paul & Patty May
  40. Catherine Heywood
  41. Michael Costanzo
  42. Anonymous
  43. Wendy Cole
  44. Sandy Houck in honor of the memory of Rich Hairston
  45. Michelle and Fred Antonio
  46. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of your friends at Loving Animals Providing Smiles (LAPS)
  47. Anonymous
  48. Carol Glaser
  49. Alan McGauran in honor of Lou McGauran
  50. Patrick Band
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