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Napa County Resource Conservation District

What They Do:

Empower the community to conserve, protect, and restore our environment in a landscape that supports agriculture, urban living, and wild spaces. Promote cooperation, sound science, and youth engagement as keys to improving the resiliency of our watersheds for the benefit of future generations.

Napa RCD helps Napa County’s residents achieve environmental goals by providing education, one-on-one guidance, funding for projects, and access to real-world examples of conservation practices. Water-wise vineyards and home gardens, rainwater capture, erosion-proof dirt roads, bee-friendly plantings, and improving stream habitat for wildlife are just some of the projects that we help people complete.

We conduct in-depth monitoring to understand our watersheds’ health. We help youth make a difference for our environment and grow their understanding of Napa County ecology through our outdoor and in-class environmental education programs.

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RCD helped our high school students create a project that improved habitat along the creek that runs through our campus. The students gained appreciation for our watershed and a sense of pride for making a difference.

~ Caroline Wilson, Director, Napa County Court and Community Schools

Business Partners:

All donors to RCD receive a bud vase arrangement from the Monkey Flower Group. Donors of $50 or more receive five small bud vase arrangements

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