What They Do:

Save lives with affordable spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchipping for 8,500 pets each year. Reach 6,000 children annually with lessons of compassion, responsible care, and how to be safe around dogs and cats. Field 1,500 calls a year for behavior help and counseling to keep pets safe, healthy, and in their homes.

Since 1973 proudly serving both pets and the people who care for and about them by preventing animals from being born into an uncertain future, becoming ill from avertable diseases,  by helping them swiftly find their way home if lost, and affecting social change so that every animal is a wanted animal. Gifts to Napa Humane have both an immediate, positive impact for pets and an investment in the future to ensure a humane home for every adoptable animal in our Napa Valley.


Napa Humane performs unparalleled work. They are the unsung heroes of animal welfare, saving lives in a way that no one else does – through prevention, which is the solution to end suffering, overpopulation, and the warehousing of animals in shelters.

~ Sally Seymour, Napa Humane Volunteer and Patron

Business Partners:

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Donors receive a 20% off coupon from Pet Food Express plus a 2-for-1 tasting pass for HALL Napa Valley.

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Cultivate Systems will match the first $1,000 in donations to Napa Humane.

  1. Dian Dooley
  2. Damon Savoia in honor of Olive and Charlie Savoia
  3. Jane and Norm Albert in honor of All those who support the work of Napa Humane and Executive Director, Wendi Piscia
  4. Patricia Walker
  5. Lynda Rhyno
  6. Jennifer Byram
  7. Karin Haywood
  8. Kathy Arizon
  9. Cory & Melodie Roche
  10. Christy Gronseth
  11. Patricia Leopold in honor of my dearly departed first Giant Schnauzer, Gabriella and my dearly departed mother Natalie McMichael
  12. Ellen York
  13. Anonymous
  14. Anonymous
  15. Christina W. Jennings
  16. Frances Anamosa in honor of Jane Albert
  17. Patsy McGaughy in honor of Jane Albert and Wendi Piscia for their terrific leadership
  18. Linda Henderson
  19. Ann Schwartz and Gina Kulik
  20. Bruce & Carole Heid
  21. Kyle Wood
  22. Dianne Snyder
  23. Lynn LeChevalier
  24. Anonymous
  25. Alexa Hatley
  26. Debi Leal
  27. Leslie Farwell in honor of Marnie Cunningham
  28. Linda Leonard
  29. Jessica Merrill
  30. Clay Gregory
  31. Anonymous
  32. sudie pollock in honor of June Pollock
  33. Anonymous
  34. Nadya Cueto
  35. Pete Stupey
  36. Anonymous
  37. Anonymous
  38. Nancy Kerson in honor of the three wonderful cats we adopted from Napa Human last year: Oscar (formerly Banjo), Purry/Rupurt, and Lightning (formerly Whitney)
  39. Anonymous
  40. marina simenstad
  41. Carla Maguire
  42. Julia Winiarski
  43. Barbie and Will Jamieson in honor of Our Grandchildren - Logan, Camden, Lainie and Mason
  44. Barbie and Will Jamieson in honor of Our Grandchildren - Logan, Camden, Lainie and Mason
  45. Sharyn Fuller in honor of Wesley and Eleanor L. Meyer
  46. Jessica Harcourt
  47. Anonymous
  48. Jeanne and Gerry ROHM
  49. Bobbi McConnell in honor of Bob Brandlin
  50. Cheryl Zammataro in honor of Ron and Robin Clamme
  51. Constance Peterson in honor of Dr. Mary Whitehill
  52. Anonymous
  53. Robert and Carolyn Passmore
  54. Ellen & Don Wulf
  55. Krysten Stepke
  56. Anonymous in honor of Ashli Kellogg
  57. Anonymous
  58. Marvin Sakakihara
  59. Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth (Sunrise Horse Rescue)
  60. Anonymous
  61. Anonymous
  62. Janice Beglau-Taylor
  63. Susan & Joe Dukenhorn
  64. Anonymous
  65. Grant Totten in honor of Mary Alice Burke
  66. Kimberley Nunn
  67. Anonymous in honor of Cheryl Meyer
  68. Margaret DeGraaf in honor of Elsie
  69. Jim and Donna Haller
  70. Mr and Mrs Joseph Miller
  71. Mel Tearle in honor of Donna Heller and Muriel Tearle
  72. ZD Wines on behalf of Chris Musante
  73. Jim and Cricket Smith in honor of matching funds
  74. ZD Wines on behalf of Brandon deLeuze
  75. Amy Predmore
  76. Susan Shenk
  77. Susan Perry
  78. Trish Danby
  79. Emile G. Bourdet
  80. Denise Layten
  81. Marie Dolcini
  82. Sandy and Dean Hansen
  83. Anonymous
  84. bruce Troup
  85. Linda Dietiker-Yolo in honor of Deborah Todd
  86. Anonymous
  87. Sue Kesler
  88. Dale and Bette Acomb
  89. Athletic Feat
  90. Anonymous
  91. Tonia Brow in honor of My dearly departed dogs - Buttercup, Tobey Jug & Chance!
  92. katheine wade
  93. Frank & Kerstin Nicholson in honor of Jonah & Sara Beer
  94. Linda Price
  95. Anonymous
  96. Sally Seymour
  97. Gordon Huether & Darcy Tunt
  98. Jill Pahl
  99. Anonymous in honor of Ed and Joyce Jensen
  100. Nancy Henry
  101. Karen Nagano in honor of Patrick N. Nagano
  102. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  103. Sandra Pena
  104. Richard Landry
  105. Ruthie Gardner
  106. Anonymous
  107. Anonymous
  108. John Lemanski
  109. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  110. Jeff Mays and Karen Peters
  111. Susan Hepple
  112. Judith Cahill-Bravo in honor of Arthur Bravo
  113. Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Deveau Berry
  114. Anonymous in honor of Arlene Walker and Lottie Baker
  115. Marilyn Betcher
  117. Anonymous
  118. Anonymous
  119. Patricia Heffron in honor of the Oakland fire victims
  120. Anonymous
  121. Camille Kaijankoski
  122. Linda Jesmok
  123. Anonymous
  124. Anonymous
  125. Jean Whelan
  126. Scott Chong
  127. Patsy McGaughy
  128. Carol and Ken Nelsen
  129. Anonymous
  130. Nancy Kuhn
  131. Anonymous
  132. Anonymous
  133. Heli Kangas
  134. Anonymous
  135. Sheryl Duerksen
  136. Anonymous
  137. Karlin McLean
  138. Kelli Marchbanks
  139. Diana Griffin
  140. Anonymous
  141. Eric Binau in honor of Cultivate Systems is pleased to provide this $1000 matching contribution to honor all of our past, present, and future furry, feathered, and other loved ones.
  142. Ken Morris
  143. Linda Wargo
  144. Anonymous in honor of the Volunteeers
  145. Katherine McQuade
  146. Sherri Fidel
  147. Melanie Jackson
  148. Mary Whitehill
  149. Dianne Snyder
  150. Anonymous
  151. Patrick Kenealy
  152. allison saether
  153. Anonymous
  154. Rick Turko and Rob Meason
  155. Howie Broxton
  156. Il Posto Trattoria in honor of Dine and Donate from Il Posto Trattoria
  157. Barbara Noll
  158. Patricia Krueger
  159. Vickie Allen in honor of Wilmot and Ethel Allen
  160. Anonymous
  161. Nanci Knight
  162. Carol Parkhurst in honor of Tuffy
  164. Wendi Piscia
  165. Howard and Angela Stockwell
  166. Shirley Payne
  167. Gail Lansingh
  168. Lois Quick in honor of Jazz
  169. Anonymous
  170. Anonymous
  171. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of The volunteers of Loving Animals Providing Smiles
  172. Anonymous
  173. Susan Bell
  174. Karoline Hall
  175. Anonymous
  176. Joan Bailey
  177. Anonymous
  178. Carol and John Glaser
  179. Dorothy Hearn
  180. Marc Pacubas
  181. Hilary Zunin in honor of The Montroys' amazing Howl-o-ween Haunt at Evil Vines Cemetery
  182. Lisa & Theodore Alexander
  183. David Layland
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