What They Do:

An all-volunteer organization, CanDo inspires Valley residents to meaningful action benefiting our community. CanDo created this Give!Guide to support local nonprofits, spear-headed ordinances limiting single-use plastic bags, fights hunger by growing produce for Food Bank clients and orchestrates the Napa Food Project. Volunteers regularly clean our river and streams and non-partisan forums educate voters.

CanDo has no membership requirements, no dues and no mandatory service hours. They meet together only as needed. Instead, a weekly email, “The CanDo Connection,” highlights done-in-a-day volunteer projects and community events and helps keep members in touch. Projects are selected based on members’ creative energies and interests. When a potential project arises, CanDo members always begin by educating themselves and researching efforts that may already be in place. They have no desire to duplicate others’ activities. But when they assist in another group’s project or tackle an unmet need, they move forward with purpose.


I'm so impressed with what you do for the health and well-being of all who live in Napa County! I read your newsletter "religiously," top to bottom, thankful for the breadth of topics you cover each week and the opportunities to get involved. Thank you for your diligent work.

~ Evy Warshawski

  1. Dian Dooley
  2. Damon Savoia in honor of Olive and Charlie Savoia
  3. Hilary Zunin in honor of Susan
  4. Tina Newsome
  5. Eric Robinson
  6. Jillian DeLeon
  7. Molly Peck
  8. Phillip Blake
  9. Anonymous
  10. Melinda Walker
  11. Cory & Melodie Roche
  12. Kathleen Montgomery
  13. Christina W. Jennings
  14. Hop Creek
  15. Anonymous
  16. Bruce & Carole Heid
  17. Jeff & Elaine Siefert
  18. Sue Berry
  19. Lynn LeChevalier
  20. Anonymous in honor of NVCD Volunteers
  21. Carol Dick
  22. Greg McGrath
  23. Laura Peabody in honor of Loving Animals Providing Smiles
  24. Anonymous
  25. Julia Winiarski
  26. Sharyn Fuller in honor of Wesley and Eleanor L. Meyer
  27. Anonymous
  28. Anonymous
  29. Anonymous
  30. Ellen & Don Wulf
  31. Anonymous
  32. Anonymous
  33. Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth (Sunrise Horse Rescue)
  34. Shawbuck Design
  35. James and Suzanne Bronk
  36. Anonymous
  37. Bonnie Richardson
  38. Robert Fioretti
  39. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of CanDo volunteers who make the Give!Guide happen to benefit so many
  40. Anonymous in honor of Quinlan and Larkin Dulaney
  41. Linda Wargo in honor of Arthur and Patricia Wargo
  42. Anonymous
  43. Anonymous
  44. Anonymous
  45. Erica Kincaid in honor of Kathryn Obrien
  46. ZD Wines on behalf of Brandon deLeuze
  47. Susan Shenk
  48. Sandy and Dean Hansen
  49. Mike, Helaina and Kian Taylor in honor of Hilary Zunin
  50. bruce Troup
  51. Linda Dietiker-Yolo in honor of Marolyn Roberts
  52. Sue Kesler
  53. Gerane W. Park
  54. Melinda Dittman
  55. Ben Tyler
  56. Paulette Litz in honor of If Given a Chance -in honor of Kate Devine, Collabria in memory of Bill Devine
  57. Thomas Kennelly
  58. katheine wade
  59. Robin Rose
  60. Anonymous
  61. Kimberly Ward
  62. Kathleen Lightner
  63. jacqueline jackson
  64. jacqueline jackson
  65. Hilary Zunin in honor of Susan Kane, one of CanDo's and my earliest supporters
  66. Monica Cline in honor of The Napa Food Project
  67. Ruthie Gardner
  68. Sarah Chessman in honor of Jadyn & Susan
  69. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  70. Barbara Diane Gabel
  71. Harriet and Marty Spitz in honor of Mrs. Sally Jenkins
  72. Susan Hepple
  73. Amy Koos
  74. Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Deveau Berry
  75. Nancy Fireman in honor of hilary zunin and her tireless work
  76. Anonymous in honor of Happy Birthday, Paul May!
  77. Kathleen de Vries
  78. Robyn Cherwin
  79. Grania Lindberg
  80. Anonymous in honor of Anette's Chocolates
  81. Jeff Reichel
  82. BERNADETTe Brooks
  83. Lisa McWilliams in honor of LAPS, Loving Animals Providing Smiles
  84. Gillian Roberts
  85. Anonymous
  86. Anonymous
  87. Norma Ferriz in honor of Girl Scout Troop 10688 from St. Helena
  88. Charles Slutzkin and Rita Burris
  89. Camille Kaijankoski
  90. Anonymous in honor of My grandson, Dylan Dunn, would like to honor CanDo for all the wonderful work they accomplish.
  91. Lenore Hirsch
  92. Sam and Joan Fromowitz
  93. Jean Whelan
  94. Julie Spencer
  95. Carol and Ken Nelsen
  96. Karlin McLean
  97. Michelle Francis
  98. Liz & Peter Marks
  99. Verna Steinhauer
  100. Kelli Marchbanks
  101. Diana Griffin
  102. Anonymous
  103. david simundson
  104. Susan Kane
  105. Laura Peabody in honor of Loving Animals Providing Smiles
  106. Norma J. Neil
  107. Vickie Green and Robert Curry
  108. Anonymous in honor of Mrs. Deborah Walden of ACMS and NVYS
  109. Danielle Bryce
  110. Howie Broxton
  111. Elaine Herrick
  112. Il Posto Trattoria in honor of Dine and Donate from Il Posto Trattoria
  113. Judy Barker
  114. Donna Altes
  115. Markley S. Sutton
  116. Stuart Bockman
  117. Sharon Macklin
  118. Wendi Piscia
  119. Anonymous
  120. Anonymous
  121. Marilyn Soulsburg
  122. Jessie Quigley
  123. Anonymous
  124. John Lansingh
  125. Carol and John Glaser
  126. Anonymous
  127. Anonymous
  128. Anonymous
  129. Jeni Olsen
  130. Anonymous
  131. David Layland
  132. Daniel Wolter
  133. Daniel Wolter
  134. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of The volunteers of Loving Animals Providing Smiles
  135. Nancy Fireman
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