Napa Valley Education Foundation: Legacy Youth Project

Napa Valley Education Foundation: Legacy Youth Project

What They Do:

Serve promising youth facing challenges in their educational and personal lives. Students participate in leadership development, mentorship and civic engagement opportunities. The Napa Valley Education Foundation’s Legacy Youth Project works daily with more than 120 struggling students to develop their hearts and minds, helping them set high expectations for themselves and each other.

Napa Valley Education Foundation proudly houses the grassroots youth development program, Legacy Youth Project. The program was developed five years ago by local school leaders, law enforcement and struggling youth, to help students reconnect with their hopes and dreams. More than 120 local students in grades 5-12 at Vintage High, Silverado and Redwood Middle Schools, and NVLA elementary schools work in Legacy classrooms each year to excel (75% increase their GPA); graduate (100% to date have graduated from high school); and attend college (91% matriculate into community college). They leave gangs, increase academic performance, join school sports, maintain employment, apply for college and become agents of change in our community. Legacy has helped break the cycle of violence and poverty in our community.


Before joining the Legacy Youth Project, I never had college on my mind and now I am in college. I am trying to do something with my life, trying to make my mom happy and trying to help her out.

~ Arturo R., Youth Co-Founder

  1. Olivia Ervin
  2. Helen Busby
  3. Karen and Kyle Brocker
  4. Ann Leach
  5. Michele Grupe in honor of Staff and volunteers of nonprofits who helped with fire recovery efforts.
  6. Anonymous
  7. Rick Turko & Rob Meason
  8. Anonymous
  9. Anonymous
  10. Anonymous
  11. Anonymous
  12. Anne Percelay
  13. Anonymous in honor of Mentis donation: Patrick Carr
  14. Vicka Llamas
  15. Karen Olson
  16. Carol Nelsen
  17. Robert & Carolyn Passmore
  18. Xulio Soriano
  19. Hilary Zunin
  20. Natalie Griffin
  21. Anonymous
  22. JoAnne Miller in honor of Omar Salem
  23. Terry Wunderlich in honor of Bill Reilly
  24. Amy Barberi
  25. Mary Herzog
  26. Ellen Sabine in honor of Steve Potter
  27. Laura Jones
  28. Jennifer Flores
  29. Betty Labastida
  30. Jean Barstow
  31. Janice Beglau-Taylor
  32. Anonymous
  33. Debbie Alter-Starr
  34. Judith Cahill Bravo in honor of Arthur F. Bravo
  35. Richard Turko
  36. borden wright
  37. Anonymous
  38. Liz Navarro
  39. Tanya Mahaphon
  40. Anonymous
  41. Anonymous
  42. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  43. Lissette Ponce
  44. David and Lana Stanley
  45. Anne Garner
  46. Christina Villarreal
  47. Sarah Aguilar
  48. Anonymous
  49. Sarah Kane in honor of Susan Kane
  50. Grania Lindberg
  51. Kristin Anderson
  52. jacqueline jackson
  53. Jennifer Stewart in honor of Legacy’s founders
  54. Kristin Anderson
  55. Richard Turko
  56. Elba Gonzalez-Mares in honor of Alejandro Guerrero
  57. Emily Schmidt
  58. Cathy Adams
  59. Anonymous in honor of Ira Saletan
  60. Anonymous
  61. Anonymous
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