Napa Valley State Parks Association

Napa Valley State Parks Association

What They Do:

Provide financial, technical, and volunteer support to Napa’s three state parks:  Bale Grist Mill, Bothe State Park, and Robert Louis Stevenson Park. Support may include hiring skilled craftsmen to repair the water wheel, recruiting volunteers for repairing trails, or purchasing new trail signs that include GPS.

Napa Valley State Parks Association (NVSPA) promotes access to Napa Valley’s three state parks, and through maintenance and improvement programs also enriches the experience for visitors.

Funds provide for Napa Valley school children to visit the parks and engage in naturalist’s programs for free. Summer day camps are also underwritten by the association.

A major focus is providing funds and skilled craftsmen to do ongoing repair of the Bale Grist Mill. The mill is in operation every weekend and requires constant repair and replacement of parts. The association also monitors trails and has an ongoing repair program.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Become a board member.
  • Volunteer to organize our silent auction at our annual Harvest Dinner.
  • Provide your horticulture knowledge to help us replant the native garden at Bothe State Park, which was destroyed when State Parks Dept. installed new handicap ramps into the Visitor’s Center.
  • Help us contact members of the Wappo native people to guide the replanting of the native garden.
  • Donate your skilled craftsman expertise to help replace parts on our water wheel.
  • Volunteer to work the Visitor’s Center at Bothe, which would not otherwise be open 7 days a week.
  • Volunteer to be a lifeguard at Bothe.

Business Partners:

Our thanks to the Two Friends Foundation for providing matching to NVSPA through the Give!Guide.


The NVSPA partnered with the Napa County Park and Open Space District to keep our parks open when the state chose to close them, and since then continues to help them better serve our community.

~ Chip Bouril, Secretary, NVSPA

  1. Robert and Carolyn Passmore
  2. Anne Garner
  3. The Two Friends Foundation in honor of Matching Funds
  4. Anonymous
  5. David Busby
  6. Melinda Walker
  7. Anonymous
  8. Kathy Mosher
  9. Sandra and Dean Hansen
  10. Carol Lilleberg in honor of Hope Lugo and Evie Trevethan
  11. Denise Flaherty
  12. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Miller
  13. Alison Rodriguez in honor of Domingo Rodriguez
  14. Marilane Bergfelt in honor of Loving Animals Providing Smiles Volunteers
  15. Carol Poole
  16. Don & Ellen Wulf
  17. Anonymous
  18. Robert Van Der Velde
  19. Anonymous
  20. Julie Spencer in honor of Kathy Carrick
  21. Linda Price
  22. Anonymous
  23. Nicole Scommegna in honor of The Gott Family
  24. JJ McCarthy in honor of Ranger Sandy, Bale Grist Mill/Boothe SP
  25. Kelli Marchbanks
  26. Paula Peterson
  27. Mary & Michael Herzog
  28. Sarah Galbraith
  29. Michelle Wagner
  30. Susanna Morin Groom
  31. Norma Ferriz in honor of Girl Scouts who love spending time in the outdoors, thank you for caring for places they love going to!
  32. Donna Hardy
  33. Sarah Aguilar
  34. Anonymous
  35. Anonymous
  36. Hilary Zunin in honor of "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead
  37. Hilary Zunin in honor of "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead
  38. Stephanie Turnipseed
  39. Stephen Gerstle
  40. Anonymous
  41. Carol Nelsen
  42. Anonymous
  43. Anonymous
  44. Jennnifer Lamb
  45. Anonymous
  46. Kay Suverkrop Farmer
  47. Kay Burtis in honor of All Volunteers!
  48. Anonymous
  49. Charles Bouril
  50. Jacqueline Jackson
  51. Ken Stanton
  52. Nancy and David Garden
  53. Anonymous
  54. Anonymous
  55. Wendy Cole
  56. Verna Steinhauer
  57. Anonymous
  58. Carol Glaser
  59. Kathleen Carrick
  60. Hilary Zunin
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