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Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition

What They Do:

Lead the effort to design, fund, construct, and maintain a 47-mile family-friendly walking and biking trail from Vallejo’s Ferry to Calistoga. When complete, 85% of county residents will live within 10 minutes of the Trail. The NVVTC integrates art, culture, education and health into the trail design and programming.

The Vine Trail provides many safety, health, environmental, economic and tourism benefits for our
community. It’s a proven model: Trails in residential and tourist areas around the United States have
made an immediate positive impact on the well-being and safety of residents while measurably
benefiting the economy.

A safe, free, easy-access trail system can significantly improve community health. Napa County has the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the Bay Area. Studies show even moderate increases in physical activity reduce stress and risk of many serious health issues. The Vine Trail will connect Napa Valley communities, providing a car-free alternative for commuting and fun while reducing traffic congestion and significantly lowering our carbon footprint.


The Vine Trail is more than just a walking and biking trail for Napa County. It is a community collaboration which provides an opportunity for neighbors and friends to meet up and safely enjoy the beautiful valley!

~ Aly Hite, MPH - Program Coordinator, NCOE

Business Partners:

An anonymous donor will provide a matching donation for the first $5000 donated.

Donors of $47 or more will become members in the Vine Trail 47-Mile Club and receive discounts and promotions from our membership partners. For more information, please visit our website.

Footprint - Vine Trail 2

An individual donor of $1000 qualifies for a personalized, engraved footprint at a Vine Trail shelter.

A business donor of $1500 qualifies for a branded, engraved footprint at a Vine Trial Shelter.

For more information about our Footprints, please visit our website. 

  1. Karen Smith
  2. Danielle Schmitz
  3. Walter Brooks
  4. Charles McMinn
  5. Erica Ahmann Smithies
  6. Patricia May in honor of [email protected]
  7. Christina and Jason Benz
  8. Susan Perkins
  9. Carol Glaser
  10. Anonymous
  11. damian may in honor of Paul May
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