Napa Valley Youth Symphony

Napa Valley Youth Symphony

What They Do:

Bring together talented kids (8-18) from 23 Napa Valley schools to promote a love for music and excellence. Rehearse original works of world composers. Learn teamwork, dedication, and leadership while making new friends. This award winning orchestra performs four concerts annually and provides needs-based scholarships for lessons and tuition to serve all kids in the Valley.

Our mission is to provide young musicians from diverse backgrounds with exciting opportunities for personal and artistic growth. This is done through challenging and inspiring rehearsals and performances in a professional environment, while enhancing our community educationally and artistically.

NVYS rehearses once a week for 3-4 hours, raising the bar in music education while building values in teamwork, perseverance, excellence, and leadership. We offer musicians a team of 15 professional coaches and private, individual lessons to inspire and build technical skills. Twenty-five percent of our musicians receive needs-based tuition and lesson scholarships.

We perform four annual concerts at the Center for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Theater or Napa Valley College, as well as many community events throughout the year.


“Going on the stage to perform after working hard for months to prepare your piece - it’s a wonderful feeling to go up there and show how hard you’ve worked.

~ Makaila Sager, cello, 14 years

Before music I was shy, but with music, it just brings joy to my heart.

~ S.N., flute, 13 years

  1. Sharyn Fuller in honor of the memory of Elanor L. Meyer and Wesley N. Meyer
  2. Anonymous
  3. Patricia Walker
  4. Joan Foresman
  5. Bernadette Palla in honor of Kevin Palla
  6. Parie Lambert
  7. Jennifer Byram
  8. Paula Fields
  9. Anonymous
  10. larrrry posner
  11. david simundson
  12. Norma Ferriz in honor of Troop 10688 of Girl Scouts in St. Helena
  13. Anonymous in honor of Sherane Negre
  14. Karen Olson
  15. Bonny Meyer
  16. Anonymous
  17. Barbie Jamieson
  18. Anne Evans
  19. Cameron Silva
  20. Michael Herzog
  21. ZD Wines on behalf of Barbie Jamieson
  22. Patricia Peterson in honor of Alice Machesky, Marilyn Leal, Peggy Tompkins
  23. Marie Dolcini
  24. Manidel Chua
  25. Judy Soller in honor of Isaac Eikenberry
  26. Anonymous in honor of Mars Lasar
  27. Barbara McConnell
  28. Norma J. Neil
  29. Lucila Datiles in honor of Jasmin Cruz
  30. Kyle Mizuno
  31. sarah galczynski
  32. Joann Jex
  33. Anonymous
  34. Anonymous
  35. Joylin Negre in honor of Sherane Negre
  36. Amy Withers in honor of Sherane
  37. Jo Dejillas in honor of Sherane Negre
  38. James Yoo
  39. JoAnne Neish in honor of Isaac Eikenberry
  40. Anonymous
  41. Austin Eikenberry in honor of Isaac Eikenberry
  42. Kathryn De maigret in honor of Cas de maigret - student
  43. Angela Carter
  44. Alan Tran
  45. Keith Calara in honor of Isaac Eikenberry
  46. Jim Worthen
  47. Tim Boothe in honor of Ryan Boothe
  48. James Sittler in honor of Malia Sittler
  49. John Burns
  50. Ken Palla
  51. Joy Tran in honor of Juliana Tran
  52. Thuy McGrane in honor of Juliana Tran
  53. Bridget Stewart in honor of Benjamin Stewart
  54. JoAnna Chocooj
  55. Terri Lynne Ricetti
  56. Armand De Maigret
  57. Paula Suarez-Hevia
  58. Andy Demsky in honor of Lena and Willem Demsky
  59. Lisa A Samatovicz in honor of Jordan Samatovicz
  60. Simon Rebullida in honor of Francis Rebullida
  61. Bernadette Palla
  62. Anonymous
  63. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  64. Sue Kesler in honor of Fred Kesler
  65. Anonymous in honor of Ida Killebrew
  66. Fox Bayard in honor of music!
  67. Teresita Dejillas in honor of Sherane Negre
  68. Anonymous in honor of Sherane Negre
  69. Bill Haubold
  70. Penny Pawl
  71. Michael Borck
  72. Anonymous in honor of Jasmin Cruz
  73. jacqueline jackson
  74. Bridget Stewart in honor of Benjamin Stewart
  75. Karen Garcia
  76. Rob Meason
  77. Emily Schmidt
  78. Anonymous
  79. Carol Glaser
  80. Anonymous
  81. Anonymous
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