What They Do:

Provide a musical home for budding musicians 8-18 years old from 27 Napa Valley schools. Bring together a diverse group of students with inspiring directors and professional coaches to produce high-caliber performances of classical music by the great composers. Develop creativity, discipline, and leadership skills that serve Napa students and the community.

Napa Valley Youth Symphony also offers local youth private music lessons, summer chamber music camp, master classes, and opportunities to play Carnegie Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, and the great concert halls of England and Eastern Europe. The NVYS and the Napa Youth Chamber Ensemble play no fewer than 15 concerts throughout the community annually, for charitable causes and events such as Festival Napa Valley and BottleRock.


Music brings people together, and I have the NVYS to thank for that. These people share my struggles in learning our repertoire, but our concerts give us a great sense of accomplishment and thrill. It just goes to show that anything can be done given a little practice.

~ Andres dela Rosa, NVYS Student

  1. bridget stewart in honor of Benjamin Stewart
  2. Susan Bussell
  3. Joan Foresman
  4. Paul Row
  5. Andy Demsky
  6. Jeff & Elaine Siefert
  7. Todd Wood
  8. Edwin Chiu in honor of Madeline Chiu
  9. James and Suzanne Bronk
  10. Matt Eisenberg
  11. ZD Wines on behalf of Scott Billeci
  12. ZD Wines on behalf of Barbie Jamieson
  13. Erie Mills
  14. Chris Carpenter in honor of Mama Carpenter who drives the kids to lessons and rehearsals
  15. Marie Dolcini
  16. bruce Troup
  17. Sue Kesler
  18. Il Posto Trattoria in honor of matching funds
  19. Penny Pawl
  20. jacqueline jackson
  21. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  22. Rick Turko and Rob Meason
  23. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  24. Harriet and Marty Spitz in honor of Mrs. Sally Jenkins
  25. Patrick and Patricia Page in honor of Napa Valley Youth Symphony in honor of violinist Jessica Keane
  26. Anne Etgen in honor of Michelle Martin
  27. Anonymous in honor of Sherane Negre
  28. Alan and Charlene Steen
  29. Anonymous in honor of Moriah and Roman Hart
  30. Karen Garcia
  31. Anonymous
  32. Anonymous
  33. Ann Chang in honor of Tristan Arnold
  34. Anonymous
  35. Anonymous in honor of Charlotte Cosca
  36. Stuart Bockman
  37. Anonymous
  38. Emily Schmidt
  39. Anonymous
  40. Norma J. Neil
  41. Patrick Kenealy
  42. Anonymous in honor of Mrs. Deborah Walden of ACMS and NVYS
  43. Il Posto Trattoria in honor of Dine and Donate from Il Posto Trattoria
  44. Napa Valley Give!Guide Team in honor of the Napa Valley Youth Symphony and their contribution to the success of the Give!Guide Kickoff Celebration
  45. Anonymous
  46. Vickie Allen in honor of Wilmot and Ethel Allen
  47. Anonymous
  48. Bill Haubold
  49. Anonymous
  50. Anonymous
  51. Simon Rebullida in honor of Francis Rebullida
  52. Angela Carter
  53. Anonymous
  54. Anonymous
  55. Anonymous
  56. Anonymous in honor of Sherane Negre
  57. Anonymous in honor of Sherane Negre
  58. Anonymous in honor of Sherane Negre
  59. Suzanne Rayner
  60. Sarah Wood in honor of Luke gallenkamp
  61. Edwin and Andrea Chiu
  62. Susan Tsujihara
  63. Bonnie Thompson
  64. Steven Green
  65. Anonymous
  66. Bernadette Palla in honor of Kevin Palla
  67. Anonymous in honor of Sherane Negre
  68. Anonymous in honor of Sherane Negre
  69. Anonymous
  70. Daniel Wolter
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