On the Move: Parent University

On the Move: Parent University

What They Do:

Through more than 100 classes offered at six elementary schools, Parent University fosters volunteerism and leadership to mobilize parent participation in the classroom. Each year over 1,600 parents learn how to support their child’s literacy, gain computer skills, and improve their English. As their confidence grows, parents nurture their children’s healthy habits and lifelong learning skills.

Parent University campuses include Salvador/El Centro, McPherson, Phillips, Shearer, Napa Junction, and Snow Elementary Schools. A variety of services are offered to participating parents, including childcare, food, bilingual support, and morning and evening classes and workshops.


Since I started the program, I’ve seen a lot of changes in myself and in my family. My daughter and I have gotten closer, and now she wants me to read to her more. My wife and I are more involved in school, helping with events, fundraisers, and in the classroom.

~ Gabriel Soto

  1. Claudia Colantuoni
  2. Parie Lambert
  3. Katy Howard
  4. Katy Howard
  5. Rick Turko & Rob Meason
  6. Pamela Hargrove
  7. Anonymous
  8. Carol Nelsen
  9. Anonymous
  10. Hilary Zunin
  11. Pamela Jackson
  12. Karen and Kim
  13. Michael Herzog
  14. Anonymous
  15. Mary Herzog
  16. Peggy & Tom Prescott
  17. Janice Beglau-Taylor
  18. Margaret Craig
  19. Robert Fioretti
  20. Richard Turko
  21. Anonymous
  22. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  23. Anonymous
  24. David and Lana Stanley
  25. Laila Subaie
  26. Kelly Bullock-Abernathy
  27. Sarah Kane in honor of Susan Kane
  28. Grania Lindberg
  29. jacqueline jackson
  30. Anonymous
  31. Rob Meason
  32. Richard Turko
  33. Jeffrey Scott
  34. Christina and Jason Benz
  35. Emily Schmidt
  36. Vicki Green, Ph.D.
  37. Cara Mae Wooledge in honor of Graham Tweedy
  38. Anonymous in honor of Ira Saletan
  39. Carol Glaser
  40. John Lansingh
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