What They Do:

Help over 1,100 families and their children with special needs every year. Parents learn how to help their vulnerable child and plan for an uncertain future by developing new routines and expectations, acquiring appropriate care and accommodations for their child, and learning how to promote acceptance in their family, school and community.

Children may have mild learning disabilities or profound cognitive impairment, allergies or illness, developmental delays that catch up quickly or remain entrenched, occasional panic attacks or serious psychiatric problems. When a child is diagnosed with a disability, families face a challenging journey.

ParentsCAN believes every child deserves to be loved and accepted as they are, to grow up healthy and be educated to reach their full potential. We provide comprehensive family assistance through one-on-one meetings with trained parent advocates and information about and referral to various local services. We sponsor regularly scheduled support groups and training sessions. ParentsCAN is here to help.


When my family was in full crisis, ParentsCAN welcomed me with open arms. Our problems weren’t too big for them. I received support and understanding with empathy and compassion. I could not have done it alone.

~ Juanita

Business Partners:

Engle Strategic Solutions will provide a matching challenge donation of $3000.

  1. Sharyn Fuller in honor of the memory of Elanor L. Meyer and Wesley N. Meyer
  2. Joan Foresman
  3. John Ruch
  4. Darelene Astrid Keith in honor of Edward A. Keith and Viola Astrid Edlund, honoring the family legacy of caring for children with special needs begun at the Bar 49 Ranch.
  5. catharina swanstrom in honor of Darlene
  6. Karen and Kyle Brocker
  7. colleen clark
  8. Margaret Schliessmann in honor of Marlena Garcia
  9. Jeff Siefert
  10. Shelly Hanan
  11. Anne Percelay
  12. Melinda Walker
  13. Douglas Chia
  14. Engle Strategic Solutions in honor of matching funds
  15. Carol Nelsen
  16. Kelli Marchbanks
  17. Barbie Jamieson
  18. Anonymous
  19. Ellen & Don Wulf
  20. Hilary Zunin
  21. Anonymous
  22. Alison Rodriguez in honor of Domingo Rodriguez
  23. Jennifer Morse
  24. Terry Wunderlich in honor of Bill Reilly
  25. Anonymous
  26. Cynthia Carolo in honor of Jessica Martin
  27. Howie Broxton
  28. Steve and Janell Bradley
  29. Grant and Paula Totten in honor of the memory of Gilmer Totten
  30. Pei-yuan Chia
  31. susan mcgraw
  32. Tina Newsome
  33. Anonymous in honor of Mrs. Ruth Solomon and Dr. Edward Solomon Sr.
  34. Jerry and Kathleen Leiken in honor of Charlie Leiken
  35. Harris Nussbaum
  36. Angelica Rincon
  37. Judith Cahill Bravo in honor of Arthur F. Bravo
  38. Tanya Mahaphon
  39. Anonymous
  40. Sue Kesler in honor of Fred Kesler
  41. David and Lana Stanley
  42. Anonymous
  43. Anonymous
  44. Michael Borck
  45. Anonymous
  46. jacqueline jackson
  47. SJM Farming INC
  48. Anonymous in honor of Edna Kolas
  49. Anonymous
  50. Cathy Adams
  51. John Lansingh
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