What They Do:

Empower families by helping them access health and social services, improve education skills, become more engaged in the community, and achieve self-sufficiency. To reach these goals, they adapt and realign services with partners in public, private, and nonprofit sectors to meet the most pressing needs of the most under-served community in our county.

Programs include case mentoring, English as a second language (ESL), free tax preparation, civic engagement, mobile Mexican passport/ID clinics, seniors’ and women’s support groups, college readiness programs, basic computer skills, and Plaza Comunitaria, a Spanish literacy program. Puertas Abiertas is a long-time trusted partner in the community, and served over 1,500 people in 2015.


It makes me tremendously proud being a part of Puertas Abiertas' team as an ESL teacher. It is an amazing place that provides respect for diversity, a place you feel like at home, where the staff is always welcoming. Puertas Abiertas inspires and empowers the lives of many.

~ Norma Ortiz

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