What They Do:

Rescue and provide sanctuary, care, and companionship to abused, neglected, hungry, and abandoned horses. Provide people of all ages with life-enhancing skills and personal growth experiences derived from horsemanship. Sunrise also offers natural horsemanship training, youth education, and many volunteer opportunities. Over 75 horses have been saved since 2007.


I have never encountered another community organization which focuses the talent, time, and passion of volunteers in such an effective and impressive way. They are highly competent horsepeople with true compassion and love for these animals. Heart-lifting indeed.

~ Julie D. – Supporter

Business Partners:

Napa Valley Equine will match the first $500 in donations to Sunrise Horse Rescue.

Bill Birdsong of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Drysdale Properties, proudly supports Sunrise Horse Rescue and will match $500 in donations.

  1. Damon Savoia in honor of Olive and Charlie Savoia
  2. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of all of our wonderful volunteers, friends and family
  3. Anonymous
  4. Willem & Lena Demsky
  5. Patricia Leopold in honor of my dearly departed first Giant Schnauzer, Gabriella and my dearly departed mother Natalie McMichael
  6. Cheryl Zammataro in honor of Shanda and Eldon Solomon
  7. Linda Henderson
  8. Sandy Aldrich
  9. Dianne Snyder
  10. Lynn Skillings in honor of Spirit,Pete, Sidari
  11. Lynn Skillings in honor of Danny Boy
  12. Alexa Hatley
  13. Julia Winiarski
  14. Jessica Harcourt
  15. Anonymous
  16. Anonymous
  17. Ellen & Don Wulf
  18. Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth (Sunrise Horse Rescue)
  19. Shawbuck Design
  20. Joy Kramer in honor of Christmas
  21. Anonymous
  22. Anonymous
  23. Mr and Mrs Joseph Miller
  24. Mel Tearle in honor of Donna Heller and Muriel Tearle
  25. ZD Wines on behalf of Karen Stone
  26. Dr. Judd & Mrs Nancy Howell
  27. Joy Kramer in honor of Christmas
  28. Lindsey Pogue in honor of my family, Katie and Shawna Pogue
  29. bruce Troup
  30. Anonymous in honor of Lance and Frances Houser Family
  31. Dawn English in honor of Hayleigh and Moe
  32. Karen and Jay Schuppert
  33. Valerie O'Pry
  34. Samuel & Cheryl Jones
  35. Cindy Worthington
  36. Susan McWilliams
  37. Anonymous
  38. John Lemanski
  39. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  40. Vallerie Hunt in honor of Rush Creek David
  41. Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Deveau Berry
  42. Anonymous in honor of Arlene Walker and Lottie Baker
  43. Anonymous
  44. Carol and Ken Nelsen
  45. Anonymous in honor of Crystal's horses
  46. Anonymous
  47. Leslie Erickson
  48. Anonymous
  49. Kelli Marchbanks
  50. Anonymous
  51. Toby Block
  52. Kim Clouse
  53. Tricia Harrison in honor of Lisa O'Connor
  54. Anonymous
  55. Lisa O'Connor in honor of Wall-e, Brio, Molly, Jake , Stryder, Tazz, Captain, Charlie, Quincy, Princess, Applesauce & all of the herd past & present.
  56. Norma Ferriz in honor of Troop 10688 Upper Valley Girl Scouts and their dreams!
  57. James Wright
  58. Mary Taylor in honor of Hayleigh
  59. Dianne Snyder
  60. Patricia Williams in honor of Alyssa Coburn, by granddaughter
  61. Danielle Schmitz
  62. Heather Leake
  63. Carol Poole
  64. Michelle Francis
  65. Il Posto Trattoria in honor of Dine and Donate from Il Posto Trattoria
  66. Anonymous
  67. Vickie Allen in honor of Wilmot and Ethel Allen
  68. Nanci Knight
  69. Marilyn Hoelsken
  70. Deassa Binstock
  71. Anonymous
  72. Carol Parkhurst in honor of Tuffy
  73. Shirley Payne
  74. Shirley Payne
  75. Anonymous
  76. Anonymous
  77. Anonymous
  78. Anonymous
  79. Karoline Hall
  80. Joan Bailey
  81. Anonymous
  82. David Howell
  83. Val Murphy
  84. Anonymous
  85. Anonymous in honor of Cupcake
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