What They Do:

Preserve Native American culture and share the beauty and complexity of Napa Valley's first peoples from a culturally-accurate perspective. Offer dynamic programs to public schools. Host an annual Pow Wow and Native American Art Auction to create memorable experiences that combine drums, dance, art, and food to develop appreciation for Native American culture.

Suscol Council has a land base to further the preservation of traditional arts, such as basket weaving, dance, song, and story-telling from multiple tribes native to North America. The Council also propagates and collects traditional medicinal flowers and herbs. The land project is a prototype for others to replicate or study.


I am so proud of your courage and commitment to keep the heartbeat alive. You all remind me of my ancient matriarchs who established my nation. The world underestimates the power of the female.

~ Maya Jaguar Prince L. Antonio Chevez

  1. Damon Savoia in honor of Olive and Charlie Savoia
  2. Tina Newsome
  3. Joan Foresman
  4. Stephanie Cash
  5. Julia Winiarski
  6. Hilary Zunin
  7. Ginger Gregory
  8. Bonnie Richardson
  9. Barbara Miller
  10. Pam & Robert Clair in honor of Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays Charlie
  11. Linda Dietiker-Yolo in honor of Pam Burns-Clair
  12. Peggy Van Patten in honor of The Women of Monday Group
  13. Joan Harris
  14. Mary Ann Formosa
  15. Anonymous
  16. Judy Naimo in honor of Alma Naimo
  17. Tracy Lamb in honor of Charlie Toledo
  18. Cindy Worthington
  19. Lisa Feudner
  20. Anonymous
  21. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  22. Harriet and Marty Spitz in honor of Mrs. Sally Jenkins
  23. Eliseo Rivas in honor of Supporting Indigenous Rights and Community Organizing
  24. Mary Taylor
  25. Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Deveau Berry
  26. Camille Kaijankoski
  27. Karen Garcia
  28. Carol and Ken Nelsen
  29. Anonymous
  30. Michael Borck
  31. Chris Benz
  32. David Busby
  33. Anonymous
  34. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of Ginnie Groth
  35. Sandra Lee in honor of Charlie Toledo
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