What They Do:

Provide basic school supplies to every public school in Napa County, as far north as Howell Mountain and south to American Canyon. Ensure that every student has the materials necessary to succeed in the classroom, including pencils, glue sticks, notebooks, copy paper, dry erase markers, and more.

Teachers shop free of charge for basic classroom supplies at TRCNB’s warehouse. These essential tools guarantee that all students, especially those in financial need, can fully participate in daily learning activities with their classmates. Not only is student self-esteem enhanced, but their learning environment improves as their confidence grows.


As a teacher, I was so grateful for help I received from TRCNB for my students. I also appreciated the boost to my budget reducing out-of-pocket expenses. I'm pleased to now give back.

~ Nancy M., retired teacher/volunteer

  1. Jessica Farrell
  2. Philip Jerome
  3. Anonymous in honor of Friends
  4. Melinda Walker
  5. Paullie Knudson
  6. Anonymous
  7. Bruce & Carole Heid
  8. Greg McGrath
  9. Jeff Ehrlich
  10. Hilary Zunin
  11. Anonymous
  12. Anonymous
  13. Marjorie and Michael Harrington in honor of SAA
  14. Anonymous
  15. Anonymous
  16. Cindy Bannister
  17. Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth (Sunrise Horse Rescue)
  18. James and Suzanne Bronk
  19. Lora Engle
  20. Anonymous
  21. Alison Rodriguez
  22. Paula Fields
  23. Anonymous
  24. Erica Kincaid in honor of Kathryn Obrien
  25. Mel Tearle in honor of Donna Heller and Muriel Tearle
  26. ZD Wines on behalf of Brandon deLeuze
  27. Sandy and Dean Hansen
  28. Anne Garner
  29. Linda Dietiker-Yolo in honor of David & Suzie Dietiker
  30. Anonymous
  31. Sue Kesler
  32. Karen Scriven
  33. Melinda Dittman
  34. Adam Hersly
  35. Thomas Kennelly
  36. Anonymous
  37. Margaret Dennett
  38. katheine wade
  39. Anonymous
  40. Leeann Buntman
  41. Kathleen Nichols
  42. Julie Blanton
  43. Maika Watanabe
  44. Jennifer Marinace
  45. Anonymous in honor of Marcus Sequoia Marosi
  46. Debby Escareno
  47. Robin Rose
  48. Anonymous
  49. Joyce Wiggin
  50. Pat Hildreth
  51. jacqueline jackson
  52. Sandra Pena
  53. Anonymous
  54. John Lemanski
  55. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  56. Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Deveau Berry
  57. Nancy Jaminet
  58. Anonymous
  59. Nancy Fireman in honor of hilary zunin and her tireless work
  60. Gillian Roberts
  61. Jim Warren and Bonnie Berry Jim Warren and Bonnie Berry
  62. Mary Herzog
  63. Karen Garcia
  64. Richard Montgomery in honor of Richard Montgomery, Sr.
  65. Denise Hughes
  66. Anonymous
  67. Kelli Marchbanks
  68. Jeff Jesmok
  69. Patricia Buxton
  70. Sandra Re Sims
  71. Heather Marshall
  72. Patrick Kenealy
  73. Michael Borck
  74. Anonymous
  75. Howie Broxton
  76. Barbara Noll
  77. Stuart Bockman
  78. Paige Pleasant-Howard
  79. Stephanie Raymond
  80. Karen Provenza
  81. Howard and Angela Stockwell
  82. Borden and Emy Wright in honor of Sally Wright
  83. Gail Lansingh
  84. Anonymous
  85. Marilyn Soulsburg
  86. Anonymous
  87. Jody Yepson
  88. Jessie Quigley
  89. Anonymous
  90. Anonymous
  91. John Lansingh
  92. Anonymous
  93. Anonymous
  94. Laura Proffitt
  95. Sandra Dickson in honor of Kathleen and Nancy
  96. Nancy Fireman
  97. Anonymous in honor of Napa Preschoolers
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