The Pathway Home

The Pathway Home

What They Do:

We are an innovative, one-of-a-kind program assisting student Veterans impacted by deployment-related stress. These problems include PTSD, mild Traumatic Brain Injury, depression, substance abuse, strained relationships, and academic difficulties. The Pathway Home helps improve mental and physical health and assists participants as they achieve success in both academic endeavors and community integration.

Program Goals for our residents include: identifying purpose post-military; achieving academic and vocational success; creating opportunities for long-term success; and effectively managing depression, anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and other re-adjustment related issues. The Pathway Home helps residents achieve their program goals by fostering healthy interpersonal relationships, developing skills for effective problem-solving, increasing autonomy, and encouraging inter-dependence.


I wish I’d had the community and support offered at The Pathway Home when I was transitioning out of the military. Early intervention is extremely important and can be the difference for student Veterans struggling with common post deployment challenges.

~ Xavier Bianchi, US Army Infantry Paratrooper, 3 tours of combat in Afghanistan

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The Pathway Home

  1. Lynn Skillings
  2. Greg McGrath
  3. Joan Foresman
  4. Anonymous
  5. Jennifer Byram
  6. Karen Bradley
  7. Katy Howard
  8. Anonymous
  9. Susan Tough in honor of Collabria donation In Memory of Dolli Francis
  10. katherine wade
  11. Paula Fields
  12. Anonymous
  13. Karen and Kyle Brocker
  14. Michele Grupe in honor of Staff and volunteers of nonprofits who helped with fire recovery efforts.
  15. Anonymous
  16. Anonymous
  17. Stephanie Turnipseed
  18. Joan Harris
  19. Pamela Hargrove
  20. Norma Beltrami
  21. Diane and Peter Dexter
  22. Dianne Snyder
  23. Kendra Bruno
  24. Anne Percelay
  25. Anonymous
  26. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller
  27. Anonymous
  28. Carol Nelsen
  29. Kelli Marchbanks
  30. Jim and Kim Meredith
  31. Camille Kaijankoski
  32. Nancy Moore in honor of David Brownell
  33. Nancy Moore in honor of Ralph Moore
  34. Barbie Jamieson
  35. Anonymous
  36. Malcolm Mackenzie
  37. Judi Kannon in honor of Mary Fran & Jack Gillan and Florence & Walt Kannon : our wonderful, dog-loving parents!
  38. Ellen & Don Wulf
  39. Anonymous
  40. Cheryl Zammataro in honor of Ron and Robin Clamme
  41. Dorothy Salmon in honor of Rob, Bonnie, Grace and Arden Lloyd
  42. Anonymous
  43. Karen Scriven
  44. Anonymous
  45. Dale Acomb
  46. Anonymous
  47. Tamra Lotz in honor of Gary Rose
  48. Jennifer Morse
  49. lloyds in honor of Thanks
  50. Nancy Large
  51. Melinda Dittman
  52. Sandy Haroutunian Hansen
  53. Sandy Haroutunian Hansen
  54. Anonymous in honor of Edwin S. Lentz
  55. Tama Adelman
  56. Sherri White in honor of Ron Magallano
  57. Coby Jamieson
  58. Heather Watson-Troedson and Family
  59. Napa Business Network
  60. Anne Gustin
  61. Valerie O’Pry
  62. Cheryl Brown
  63. Susan Perry
  65. Linda Price
  66. Anonymous
  67. Anonymous
  68. Anonymous in honor of Shelly Hernandez
  69. Dave and Sherlyn Zumwalt in honor of the memory of Scott Zumwalt
  70. Beth Arbios in honor of Arbios Family
  71. susan mcgraw
  72. Anonymous
  73. ZD Wines on behalf of Leah Zanetell
  74. ZD Wines on behalf of Barbie Jamieson
  75. ZD Wines on behalf of Claudia Bernal
  76. Mark Freund
  77. Charles Donnelly
  78. Marcia Hadeler
  79. Janice Beglau-Taylor
  80. Lynnie Pelfini
  81. Gerane Park in honor of Tom Lee
  82. Anonymous
  83. Margaret Craig
  84. Marilyn Soulsburg
  85. Anonymous
  86. Patricia McCart
  87. Anonymous in honor of Mrs. Ruth Solomon and Dr. Edward Solomon Sr.
  88. Teresa Reynolds
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  90. Jennifer La Liberte
  91. Anonymous in honor of Christine Loeber
  92. Jenette & Bob Raymond
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  95. Paul Irwin
  96. Lisa Huntley
  97. donna & joe Aita
  98. sarah galczynski
  99. Warren and Barbara Stone
  100. Anonymous
  101. Cathy Sullivan
  102. Anonymous
  103. Thomas Kennelly
  104. James & Nancy Henry
  105. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  106. Marilyn Page and Jim Test
  107. Anonymous
  108. David and Lana Stanley
  109. Sue Hepple
  110. Anonymous
  111. Penny Pawl
  112. Penny Pawl
  113. Anonymous in honor of the memory of Anthony Perez
  114. Anonymous in honor of the memory of "Bud" Landsman
  115. Donna Altes
  116. Sandra Pena
  117. Kathleen Lightner
  118. Anonymous
  119. jacqueline jackson
  120. Anne McMinn
  121. Hilary Zunin in honor of Zenzu and Susan
  122. Nancy Fireman in honor of the Give!Guide raising $1,000,000 for local nonprofits!
  123. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of my dad, Jack Groth, who served in WWII and would have been 100 years old today
  124. Diana Griffin
  125. Anonymous
  126. Sam and Joan Fromowitz
  127. Elaine Frazier
  128. Mary Ann Formosa
  129. Roger Billings in honor of James Thiel
  130. Jeffrey Jesmok
  131. Anonymous
  132. Emily Schmidt
  133. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of My favorite veteran, Bob McKenzie
  134. Anonymous in honor of those lost & homes lost in Napa fire
  135. Dorothy Hearn
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  137. Carol Glaser
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  139. Linda Jesmok
  140. Vhea Poppe
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  145. Nancy Fireman
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