What They Do:

Feed Napa’s most vulnerable residents in a clean, respectful, and welcoming environment. Since 1986, 25 local community groups have coordinated efforts to prepare and serve meals every weekday. The generosity of this community has enabled The Table to provide more than 40,000 free nutritious meals to guests each year.

As costs continue to increase in the Napa Valley, so do the number of elderly, veterans, handicapped, and working poor who cannot make their income stretch through the end of the month. Through The Table, the Napa community comes together to help everybody in our community. A $10 donation can feed an entire family because we combine each donation with those of other donors and our community partners to provide a healthy, family style meal served weekdays from 3:00 to 4:45 PM at the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Napa.


While purchasing a lot of Jello, the cashier asked why. So I explained about The Table. While I was loading my car, the customer behind me told me how a soup kitchen saved his brother's life. He then handed me all he had – $12.00 – to pay it forward.

~ Rhonda Simon, Grp Leader Congregation Beth Shalo

Business Partners:

The Table Business Partner Logo


First Presbyterian Church, proudly supports one of our signature Missions by matching the first $1,000 donated to The Table.


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Eco Polish Boutique and Downtown Joe’s (food only) will both offer 20% discount for each donation.

  1. Dian Dooley
  2. Philip Jerome
  3. Claudia Colantuoni
  4. Janell Bradley
  5. Tina Newsome
  6. Anonymous
  7. Joan Foresman
  8. Molly Peck
  9. Anonymous
  10. Melinda Walker
  11. Kathleen Montgomery
  12. Hop Creek
  13. Anonymous
  14. Bruce & Carole Heid
  15. Jeff & Elaine Siefert
  16. Greg McGrath
  17. Robyn Cherwin
  18. Linda Leonard
  19. Anonymous
  20. Anonymous
  21. Anonymous
  22. Julia Winiarski
  23. Hilary Zunin
  24. Anonymous
  25. First Presbyterian Church of Napa in honor of matching funds
  26. Robert and Carolyn Passmore
  27. Ellen & Don Wulf
  28. Anonymous
  29. Cindy Bannister
  30. Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth (Sunrise Horse Rescue)
  31. James and Suzanne Bronk
  32. Bonnie Richardson
  33. Anonymous
  34. Alison Rodriguez
  35. Paula Fields
  36. Linda Wargo in honor of Arthur and Patricia Wargo
  37. Anonymous
  38. Anonymous
  39. Anonymous
  40. Anonymous
  41. Mr and Mrs Joseph Miller
  42. susan mcgraw
  43. Anonymous
  44. Anonymous in honor of Linda Griffith
  45. Brooke Gadke
  46. Marie Dolcini
  47. Sandy and Dean Hansen
  48. Mike, Helaina and Kian Taylor in honor of Hilary Zunin
  49. Dave and Sherlyn Zumwalt
  50. Lindsey Pogue in honor of my family, Katie and Shawna Pogue
  51. Linda Dietiker-Yolo in honor of Peggy Van Patten
  52. Sue Kesler
  53. Joan Harris
  54. Lee/Judy Morhar
  55. Sheryl deLeuze
  56. Robin Rose
  57. Carole DeBell
  58. Mel Cohen
  59. Mark Andersen
  60. Karen and Jay Schuppert
  61. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  62. Anonymous in honor of The Table volunteers
  63. Ruthie Gardner
  64. Grania Lindberg
  65. Anonymous
  66. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  67. Duane McGrath in honor of The McGrath Family
  68. Marilyn Betcher
  69. Andrew Healy
  70. Nancy Fireman in honor of hilary zunin and her tireless work
  71. Terry Beck in honor of Kathy Horton
  72. Gillian Roberts
  73. Anonymous
  74. Anonymous
  75. Harvest Scaduto-Duhig
  76. Anonymous
  77. Norma Ferriz in honor of Girl Scout Troop 10688 of St. Helena that one year ago really enjoyed going to visit the church that hosts The Table
  78. Mary Herzog
  79. Camille Kaijankoski
  80. Marlene Zimmerman in honor of Mary Ann Bryan
  81. Sam and Joan Fromowitz
  82. Carol and Ken Nelsen
  83. Anonymous
  84. Leslie Erickson
  85. Anonymous
  86. Jeff Jesmok
  87. Ann Schwartz
  88. Emily Schmidt
  89. Bob and Doris Klein
  90. Allen Press
  91. Sandra Re Sims
  92. Helen E. Patterson
  93. Anonymous
  94. Anonymous
  95. Vickie Green and Robert Curry
  96. Howie Broxton
  97. Ruthmary Parmeter
  98. Amy Whiteford
  99. Markley S. Sutton
  100. Stuart Bockman
  101. Bell Products, Inc
  102. Jeffrey Richard
  104. Thomas and Stephanie McNicholas
  105. Wendi Piscia
  106. Howard and Angela Stockwell
  107. Borden and Emy Wright in honor of Sally Wright
  108. Anonymous
  109. Anonymous
  110. David Busby
  111. Jessie Quigley
  112. Anonymous
  113. John Lansingh
  114. Larry and Adrienne Amdahl
  115. Carol and John Glaser
  116. Anonymous
  117. Mark Glickstein
  118. Anonymous
  119. Wendy Cole
  120. Anonymous
  121. David Layland
  122. Daniel Wolter
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