Upper Valley Girl Scouts

Upper Valley Girl Scouts

What They Do:

Upper Valley Girl Scouts provide fun opportunities in a supportive environment for girls to learn life skills and create lasting friendships and memories. Girl Scouts also promote leadership, trust, self-confidence, teamwork, and respect through hands-on activities and projects, so scouts become caring adults and effective community leaders.

The Girl Scout program offers a wide variety of enriching experiences such as field trips, skill-building sports clinics, travel, community service projects, cultural exchanges, and environmental stewardships. These activities help Girl Scouts discover fun, friendship and the power of girls together. The Girl Scout program creates courageous, confident, capable, and caring adults.

Other Ways to Help:

  • We are always looking for troop leaders:  responsible adults who like children and who are willing to give their time to support the development of girls outside their school and home environment.
  • We also welcome speakers or instructors who can participate in one or two sessions sharing specific skills or passions with the girls.

Business Partners:

Cameo Cinema LogoOur thanks to Cameo Cinema for providing a special opportunity for a randomly selected donor of Upper Valley Girl Scouts through the Give!Guide (See above) and for  distributing Give!Guides at the movie theater to help promote all participating nonprofits.

Our thanks to Harold Smith & Sons, Inc. for providing matching funds to Upper Valley Girl Scouts through the Give!Guide.


As a troop leader I have been able to facilitate a wonderful community of new scouts and their families. Together we have introduced new and creative ways to approach community involvement.

~ Julia Smith, troop leader

  1. Joan Foresman
  2. Lynn Skillings
  3. Linda Wargo
  4. Margaret Friedrich in honor of Soroptimist International of St. Helena Sunrise
  5. David Busby
  6. Nancy Fireman in honor of hilary zunin and her tireless efforts to help others
  7. Lisa-Beth O'Connor in honor of Norma Ferriz for her dedication and spirit!
  8. Diane and Peter Dexter
  9. Alison Rodriguez
  10. Alison Rodriguez
  11. Marilane Bergfelt in honor of Loving Animals Providing Smiles Volunteers
  12. Emily Schmidt -
  13. Anonymous
  14. Charlotte Kewell
  15. Julie Spencer
  16. Harold Smith & Son, Inc. in honor of Matching Funds
  17. Eric Chesky in honor of Lucero Guzman
  18. Melanie Oberting
  19. Kathleen Carrick
  20. Mary Stuard
  21. Karen Olson in honor of Frank & Jean Wright
  22. Cynthia Voth
  23. Susanna Morin Groom
  24. Donna Hardy
  25. Harolyn Thompson
  26. Julia Bolander
  27. Jodine Whisten
  28. Anne McMinn
  29. Alf Burtleson
  30. Anonymous
  31. Rigel Massaro in honor of Norma Ferriz
  32. Carol Nelsen
  33. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of Giving Tuesday
  34. Michael Borck
  35. Anonymous
  36. allison saether
  37. Wendy Cole
  38. Anonymous
  39. Norma Ferriz in honor of Evan Massaro spouse extraordinaire! and big supporter of the Girl Scouts!
  40. Anonymous
  41. Loraine Stuart in honor of Norma Ferriz
  42. Pamela Krell
  43. Mary Taylor
  44. Esther Brunswick
  45. Verna Steinhauer
  46. Jennifer Baker
  47. Laurie Claudon in honor of Norma!
  48. Hilary Stanton Zunin in honor of Jadyn Kane
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