We Care Animal Rescue

We Care Animal Rescue

What They Do:

Provide shelter and sanctuary to countless animals. Adoption is the goal at this no-kill rescue center, but if animals do not find their forever home, they stay at the Sanctuary, receiving food, shelter, excellent medical care, love, and companionship for the rest of their lives.

We Care does not accept just the perfect animal. Yet, each one of our residents is PERFECT, regardless of their illness, lack of a leg, foot or even if they can’t walk!

We Care takes in animals that have health issues, for example, those that have only three legs or are unable to walk correctly due to Cerebellar Hypoplasia, those that are prone to seizures, and animals that take daily medicine or life-saving insulin.

We Care has a specific room for FeLV cats that would have been euthanized at birth if we had not taken them in. We Care walks the walk in animal rescue!

Other Ways to Help:

  • Walking or training dogs
  • Socializing cats
  • Helping deliver food
  • Bathing dogs or grooming cats
  • Nightly feeding
  • Gardening, painting
  • Folding linens
  • Maintenance assistant
  • Hauling with your truck
  • Making sure storage kennels are organized

Business Partners:




If it was not for all the love and selfless dedication We Care provides, we would not have been blessed with our four amazing cats we adopted from We Care!

~ Nathan and family

  1. Anonymous
  2. Lynn Skillings
  3. Janice Taylor
  4. Cheryl Zammataro
  5. Melinda Dittman
  6. Nadia Valenzuela in honor of Amanda Strauss
  7. Anonymous
  8. Susan Tough
  9. Carol Lilleberg in honor of Hope Lugo and Evie Trevethan
  10. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Miller
  11. Hilary Zunin
  12. Linda Henderson
  13. Anonymous
  14. Dianne Snyder
  15. Kathleen Boe
  16. Marie Dolcini
  17. Anonymous
  18. Robert Van Der Velde
  19. Anonymous in honor of The Clients of T-9 at Napa State Hospital
  20. ZD Wines in honor of Drew Tomasyan
  21. Mel Tearle
  22. Charlotte Kewell
  23. Ismail and Candy Akman
  24. Sharyn Fuller in honor of the memory of Eleanor & Wesley Meyer
  25. Kathy Mosher
  26. Barbara M Pacey
  27. Harris Nussbaum in honor of Johanna Muth / Sunrise Horse Rescue
  28. Anonymous
  29. Dan Williams in honor of Squeaky
  30. Randall and Krys Wulff
  31. Judy Pridmore in honor of Herb Lamb
  32. Anonymous
  33. Raymond and Patricia Branstetter
  34. ROGER ROELLE in honor of Rosie
  35. Anonymous in honor of Ed and Joyce Jensen
  36. Barbara Stone
  37. Anonymous
  38. Kelli Marchbanks
  39. michael kelley in honor of our canine companions nigel and nola
  40. Paula Peterson
  41. Bruce Ketron and Debra Inman
  42. Anonymous
  43. Rochelle Heskett
  44. Sarah Galbraith
  45. Penny Pawl
  47. lisa mar-johnston in honor of patti brown, danielle brown, bev and mart flynn and family, lisa aand jj johnston and family
  48. Jessica Harcourt
  49. Patricia Williams in honor of Samantha Williams
  50. Anonymous
  51. Janelle Sellick
  52. Donna Mertz
  53. Donna Hardy
  54. Dianne Snyder
  55. kathy wade
  56. Anonymous
  57. betty malmgren
  58. Hilary Zunin in honor of Corinne Yoshihara for donating her time and taking photographs at the kick-off party
  59. Douglas Cole
  60. Rian Lindley
  61. Cristina White
  62. Susan Tsujihara in honor of Rita Dunaway
  63. Bill Imada in honor of Ms. Anita Howe
  64. Anonymous
  65. Lois Glazier in honor of Mitzi & Mollie
  66. Carol Nelsen
  67. Anonymous
  68. Christine Medina in honor of Thanks for taking care of Gemma.
  69. Marjorie Hoyer Smith
  70. Judith Cahill-Bravo in honor of the memory of Arthur Bravo
  71. Larry and Adrienne Amdahl
  72. Anonymous
  73. Annoymous Annoymous
  74. Anonymous
  75. Bill Thomas
  76. Patricia Krueger
  77. Nancy Kuhn
  78. Celinda Dahlgren in honor of Carol & Klaus Graetzner
  79. Sandra Hausser
  80. Mary Ann Formosa
  81. Anonymous in honor of the memory of Isabelle Devean Berry
  82. Anonymous
  83. Anonymous
  84. Anonymous
  85. Elaine Herrick
  86. Richard Faenzi & Peggy Eriksen
  87. Karen Swain
  88. Paula J. Peterson
  89. Tiny Boak
  90. Don Payne
  91. Cathy Sullivan in honor of All my beautiful and loving pets.
  92. Wendi Piscia
  93. Robin Mock in honor of My mom Lin and my beloved cat Yin
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