We Care Animal Rescue

We Care Animal Rescue

What They Do:

Provide shelter and sanctuary to countless animals. Adoption is the goal at this no-kill rescue center, but if animals do not find their forever home, they stay at the Sanctuary, receiving food, shelter, excellent medical care, love, and companionship for the rest of their lives. We Care walks the walk in animal rescue!


When I adopted Max, I thought I had rescued him, only to gratefully realize that he was the one rescuing me.

~ Sara de Luis , animal adopter

Business Partners:

An anonymous donor will match the first $1,000 in memory of a beloved We Care kitty.

Susan & Bill Wren will match $1,000 in memory of Napoleon.

Old Republic Title will match a $250 donation.

  1. Lynn Skillings
  2. Patricia Leopold
  3. Nadia Valenzuela in honor of Coben and Alexis Alexander
  4. Chelsea Cain
  5. krysten stepke
  6. Anonymous
  7. Meryll Gobler
  8. Dorothy Lee
  9. Pamela Hargrove
  10. Anonymous
  11. Marcia Hadeler
  12. Leslie Farwell
  13. Anne Percelay
  14. Lisa Gansky in honor of Haas Minucci
  15. Anonymous
  16. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller
  17. Carol Nelsen
  18. Kelli Marchbanks
  19. Candace and Ismail Akman
  20. Jim and Kim Meredith
  21. Cheryle Stanley
  22. Cheryl Zammataro in honor of Ron and Sharon Clamme
  23. Virginia Means in honor of Michael Means
  24. Anonymous
  25. Jessica J. Harcourt
  26. Jessica J. Harcourt
  27. Dianne Snyder in honor of Joanne Arnold
  28. Anonymous in honor of Sheila Allen
  29. Cheri and Jeff Tillotson in honor of the memory of Napoleon
  30. Sandy Haroutunian Hansen
  31. Helaina Taylor in honor of Hilary Zunin
  32. Anonymous
  33. ZD Wines on behalf of Drew Tomasyan
  34. Nancy Kuhn
  35. Cristina White in honor of Cowboy
  36. Beth Arbios in honor of Arbios Family
  37. Anonymous
  38. Il Posto Trattoria in honor of Dine & Donate
  39. Marie Dolcini
  40. Anonymous
  41. Vicki Moore
  42. Charles Donnelly
  43. Marcia Hadeler
  44. Janice Beglau-Taylor
  45. Anonymous
  46. Jerry and Louise Levitin
  47. Harris Nussbaum
  48. Anonymous
  49. Betsy Van Dyne
  50. Judith Cahill Bravo in honor of Arthur F. Bravo
  51. Linda Wuichet
  52. Sue Clark in honor of Jim Wood, Merry Christmas dear brother
  53. Sue Clark in honor of Sally Wood, Merry Christmas dear sister
  54. Anonymous
  55. Jemma Williams
  56. Peggy Eriksen and Richard Faenzi
  57. Warren and Barbara Stone
  58. Anonymous
  59. Jeff Mays
  60. Howard & Angela Stockwell
  61. Anonymous
  62. Anonymous
  63. Marilyn Page and Jim Test
  64. Sue Hepple
  65. Janelle Sellick
  66. Sally Buchanan
  67. Anonymous
  68. Christine Medina
  69. Christine Ochs
  70. Colleen May
  71. Penny Pawl
  72. Anonymous
  73. Katarina Padilla in honor of On behalf of all the kitties we miss
  74. Anonymous
  75. Sierra Minchaca in honor of Kenda Bruno and her beautiful engagement
  76. Karen Garcia
  77. Anonymous
  78. Anonymous Friend in honor of matching funds
  79. Susan Wren in honor of our beloved friend
  80. Ana Pressey in honor of Calistoga GOTR
  81. Sandy Hausser
  82. Saralee Buck in honor of [email protected]
  83. Susan Kopack
  84. Becky Calhoun
  85. Anonymous
  86. Mary Ann Formosa
  87. Cindy Hood in honor of All of the We Care Cats Past and Present
  88. Cathy Sullivan
  89. Wendi Piscia
  90. Old Republic Title in honor of matching funds
  91. Sue & Stu Clark in honor of Susan Wren, our beloved former president of We Care Animal Rescue.
  92. Vhea Poppe
  93. Anonymous
  94. Susan McWilliams in honor of Tex, at Sunrise Horse Rescue
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