Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County

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Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County

What They Do:

NWR is the only organization in Napa County permitted by the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to temporarily possess wildlife for the purpose of rehabilitation and release. They rescue, raise, and heal orphaned, sick and injured wildlife, and return them to the wild. In 2016, NWR volunteers helped over 1,200 birds and mammals.

The last year has brought the biggest change in NWR’s history. The Shafer family gave us land which became a pre-release site, with construction of a corvid pre-release aviary and installation of mammal pre-release caging for raccoons. We replaced the songbird clinic and installed a new raptor/mammal intake and treatment facility, which recently completed its renovation and opened for business.

We are now open year round, not just seasonally, and have increased social media by 1000% over 2015. Our education and public outreach efforts reached over 7,000 people.

Despite these achievements, Napa remains the only Bay Area county without a full-service permanent facility.


I remember when Napa Wildlife Rescue founder Dr. Shirley Harmon had it in her home. I was also set up at my home for the Raptors. You are doing a fantastic job in moving the organization forward! Dr. Shirley must be very proud to see how well you all are doing. I know I am.

~ Maria B., former volunteer

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