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Napa Wildlife Rescue

What They Do:

The only organization in Napa County permitted by the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife back into the wild. When they are orphaned we raise them; when they are sick or injured we heal them. When they are ready, we release them back into the wild.

No one knows how many wild creatures perished in the October fires, but the number was likely in the thousands, making each remaining creature critical to the re-population of Napa’s wild community.

Napa Wildlife Rescue is the only organization permitted by the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to rescue, habilitate and release wildlife in Napa County. In 2017, NWR helped over a thousand birds and mammals. In addition, last year NWR reached over 7,000 through education and outreach.

NWR is the only second chance that Napa wildlife in need will ever get.

Other Ways to Help:

Volunteers are the engine that drive our work. Every year, attrition for a variety of reasons makes it critical to replenish, reallocate and expand our volunteer pool.

Volunteers needed to:

  • Work with wildlife patients.
  • Handle our HAWKLINE advisory calls.
  • Maintain and construct facilities.
  • Transport patients.
  • Staff events.
  • Perform clerical tasks.

Our most important recent gift was land. Supporters can contribute by offering us access to their networks of appropriate partner organizations.

Business Partners:

Napa General Store has been a consistent and positive partner, advertising the Give!Guide and encouraging neighboring businesses to join them in doing so.

Our thanks to the Malk Nature Fund for providing matching funds for donations made to Napa Wildlife Rescue through the Give!Guide (see Matching Funds).




Wow! What wonderful work you do! So very, very thankful you folks are there to help these magnificent creatures.

~ Angella O'Byrne Linehan (FB April 2018)

  1. lisa mar-johnston in honor of patti brown, danielle brown, bev and mart flynn and family, lisa aand jj johnston and family
  2. Susanna Morin Groom
  3. Jessica Harcourt
  4. Jan Gates
  5. Patricia Williams in honor of Samantha Williams
  6. Joanne Lincoln
  7. Anonymous
  8. Jennifer Cunningham in honor of Linnaea
  9. Anonymous
  10. Sue Souza in honor of Foxy a loving eastern fox squirrel
  11. Anonymous
  12. Heather Marshall in honor of Maisey Marshall
  13. Hilary Zunin in honor of Corinne Yoshihara for donating her time and taking photographs at the kick-off party
  14. Anonymous
  15. Douglas Cole
  16. Anonymous
  17. Rian Lindley
  18. Bill and Susie Ashby
  19. Stephanie Turnipseed
  20. Bill Imada in honor of Hon. Brad Wagenknecht, Napa County Supervisor
  21. Anonymous
  22. Lynn Claudon in honor of Tom Clark
  23. Anonymous
  24. Anonymous
  25. Christie Fulton
  26. Marilyn Ferrante in honor of Nelson & Shasta
  27. Marilyn Soulsburg
  28. Lisa Anderson
  29. Anonymous
  30. Jan Kim
  31. Janice Mathews
  32. Lois Glazier in honor of Mitzi & Mollie
  33. Carol Nelsen
  34. Anonymous
  35. Anonymous
  36. Donna Vannucci in honor of All wildlife and those that care for them
  37. Linda Rose in honor of Sparkie
  38. Anonymous
  39. Amy Palma
  40. Marjorie Hoyer Smith
  41. Rita Burris and Charles Slutzkin
  42. Judith Cahill-Bravo in honor of the memory of Arthur Bravo
  43. Michael Borck
  44. Anonymous
  45. Gail Lansinh
  46. Summer Wilms
  47. Larry and Adrienne Amdahl
  48. Eve Howard in honor of Arthur, the baby squirrel released (later) in Yountville
  49. Anonymous
  50. Dale Flint
  51. Bill Thomas
  52. Patricia Krueger
  53. Diamond Mtn Stables
  54. Virginia T. Means in honor of Michael G. Means
  55. Anonymous
  56. Anonymous
  57. Catherine Adams
  58. Sandra Hausser
  59. Donald and Carol Spirlock and Frizzell
  60. Anonymous
  61. Anonymous in honor of the memory of Isabelle Devean Berry
  62. Anonymous
  63. Anonymous in honor of the memory of Lee Hart
  64. Elaine Herrick
  65. Anonymous
  66. Elizabeth Munk in honor of To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before
  67. Linda Methven
  68. Karen Swain
  69. Paula J. Peterson
  70. Val Murphy
  71. Gwenn McKenzie in honor of my favorite veteran, Bob McKenzie: husband, father, photographer
  72. Don Payne
  73. Mary Taylor
  74. Anonymous in honor of Napa Wildlife Rescue volunteers
  75. Cathy Sullivan in honor of All my beautiful and loving pets.
  76. Wendi Piscia
  77. Anonymous
  78. Dianne Snyder
  79. Carol Glaser
  80. Robin Mock in honor of My mom Lin and my beloved cat Yin
  81. John Comisky
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