What They Do:

Rescue, rehabilitate, & release/reunite wildlife back into the wild. Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County is the only organization in Napa County permitted by California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife to do so. Each year, thousands of wildlife are injured or orphaned in the Valley. Injury or separation in the wild can be a death sentence.

The presence of healthy wildlife is a barometer of healthy ecosystems and habitats. It adds to the quality of life for everyone. In 2015 the Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County (WRCNC) cared for approximately 1200 mammals and birds, including raptors. WRCNC has greatly expanded its education and outreach efforts to promote wildlife awareness/appreciation and lead to prevention. The organization has presented to over 1100 students and community members YTD in 2016, and reaches thousands through social media e.g. Facebook following has grown over 100% since 2015 and highest post reached over 20K.


It was a happy new beginning for the little owl last night. Carol carefully placed him up in the tree, even leaving him a mouse for dinner. A special thank you to Carol – for taking the little owl in, making sure it was healthy, eating and able to fly, before returning him to his home.

~ Katey T.

Business Partners:

DeDora Capital

DeDora Capital will match donations up to a combined total of $1,000 made to Wildlife Rescue Center.

  1. Philip Jerome
  2. Anonymous
  3. Anonymous
  4. Kathy Arizon
  5. Cory & Melodie Roche
  6. Christy Gronseth
  7. Patricia Leopold in honor of my dearly departed first Giant Schnauzer, Gabriella and my dearly departed mother Natalie McMichael
  8. Linda Henderson
  9. Christina McDowell
  10. Dianne Snyder
  11. Carol Dick
  12. Alexa Hatley
  13. Julia Winiarski
  14. Phil & Kris Turner
  15. Anonymous
  16. Jessica Harcourt
  17. Cheryl Zammataro in honor of Ron and Robin Clamme
  18. Anonymous
  19. Harris Nussbaum and Johanna Muth in honor of Johanna Muth (Sunrise Horse Rescue)
  20. Phyllis Hunt
  21. Monica Stevens
  22. Anonymous
  23. Anonymous in honor of Quinlan and Larkin Dulaney
  24. Anonymous
  25. Anonymous
  26. Erica Kincaid in honor of Kathryn Obrien
  27. Mr and Mrs Joseph Miller
  28. Mel Tearle in honor of Donna Heller and Muriel Tearle
  29. ZD Wines on behalf of Karen Stone
  30. Dr. Judd & Mrs Nancy Howell
  31. Marie Dolcini
  32. Sandy and Dean Hansen
  33. Anonymous
  34. Lindsey Pogue in honor of my family, Katie and Shawna Pogue
  35. bruce Troup
  36. Norma Ferriz in honor of Girl Scout Troop 10688 of St. Helena and their love for animals!
  37. Karen Scriven
  38. Joan Harris
  39. toni fish
  40. Nate Weis and Family
  41. Tonia Brow in honor of My dearly departed dogs - Buttercup, Tobey Jug & Chance!
  42. Penny Pawl
  43. Karen and Jay Schuppert
  44. Valerie O'Pry
  45. Susan McWilliams
  46. Anonymous
  47. John Lemanski
  48. Anonymous
  49. Carlo Rocca and Susan Flagg
  50. Jeff Mays and Karen Peters
  51. Susan Hepple
  52. Judith Cahill-Bravo in honor of Arthur Bravo
  53. Anonymous in honor of Isabelle Deveau Berry
  54. Anonymous in honor of Arlene Walker and Lottie Baker
  55. Andrew Healy
  56. Charles Slutzkin and Rita Burris
  57. Camille Kaijankoski
  58. Jean Whelan
  59. Julie Spencer
  60. Anonymous
  61. Carol and Ken Nelsen
  62. Dee and Peter Oprawski
  63. Anonymous
  64. Gianna Peralta in honor of Littlefoot
  65. Liz & Peter Marks
  66. Anonymous in honor of Rosie
  67. Kelli Marchbanks
  68. Linda Rose
  69. Anonymous
  70. Lee Loban
  71. Paula Brutocao
  72. Anonymous
  73. Evan Massaro in honor of Norma Ferriz past volunteer
  74. Melanie Jackson
  75. Mary Whitehill
  76. Allen Press
  77. Patricia Williams in honor of Alyssa Coburn, by granddaughter
  78. Patrick Kenealy
  79. Michael Borck
  80. Elaine Herrick
  81. Il Posto Trattoria in honor of Dine and Donate from Il Posto Trattoria
  82. Vickie Allen in honor of Wilmot and Ethel Allen
  83. Nanci Knight
  84. Anonymous
  85. Anonymous in honor of In memory of Gregory Rushing
  86. Wendi Piscia
  87. Randy Wulff
  88. Anonymous
  89. Anonymous
  90. Karoline Hall
  91. Carol and John Glaser
  92. Kerry Dyer
  93. Anonymous
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