How It Works

Top Ten Reasons to Use CanDo’s Napa Valley Give!Guide

This fall a visitor at the Farmers’ Market was amazed by CanDo’s Give!Guide. She wondered how her New Mexico hometown might get one started. Our response? Inspire a team of energetic volunteers. Encourage creative collaboration between nonprofits and businesses. Engage new donors. Infuse it all with the CanDo spirit. Then, and this is important, make donating easy! In its first three editions, the Give!Guide and its nonprofits have raised $580,000 dollars to advance vital work in Napa County.

Here are a few reasons why the Give!Guide has become the single best way to support a world of good.

  1.  You care. You’re inspired to be a part of this community of givers.
  2.  It’s local. Each participating nonprofit focuses their work right here in Napa County.
  3.  Puts you in the know. At a glance, increase your awareness about the missions of 43 fabulous  organizations.
  4.  Giving won’t break the bank. Donations begin at $10, but you may give as much as you like and  vary amounts to each nonprofit.
  5.  Save time.  Use the catalog and give to one or many groups with a single check. Or donate via with a credit card:  No checks to write, no envelopes to address.
  6.  Donations are tax-deductible. You get tax receipts from each nonprofit to whom you give.
  7.  Real-time ticker brings you right into the action.  Current donation totals appear on the  website.
  8.  Powerful tool to help kids learn about generosity and philanthropy.
  9.  Big Give Days.  Each Saturday, five donors, no matter how much or to whom they give, are drawn at  random to receive incentive gifts worth $100 or more.
  10.  You make a choice. You make a difference. We make it easy.

Hilary Zunin
— for CanDo’s Napa Valley Give!Guide Team

How it works

Whether you’re a young or first time donor or someone else of any age who may not yet see yourself as being in a position to give, CanDo’s Napa Valley Give!Guide is for you. Its goals are simple:  To raise awareness and funds to support the exceptional work of small, medium and large nonprofits (NPOs) serving Napa County residents. It does this by inspiring an ever larger community of givers.

We will gladly accept your donation beginning at $10. Our tax deductible EIN# is 46-26070379. With the exception of usual credit card fees, CanDo takes no fee.

The details:

Our website features brief profiles of each nonprofit and links to learn even more about them. On the HOME page or on the individual NPO’s page, simply click in the donation field and enter the amount you wish to donate starting at $10. Your donations will accumulate in your shopping cart until you check out.

Remember, you may donate to one or multiple NPOs. And you may vary the amount you give to each.

When you’re ready to complete your giving, go to your shopping cart and check out. Choose to pay by credit card or check. If paying by check, be sure to make note of the transaction number you’ll be given. Note that number in the memo space on your check and send it to the address displayed at check out. Checks are payable to Napa Valley CanDo.

If you use a credit card, all donations will be combined into a single charge to your credit card.

All donations are tax deductible. When you donate, you’ll immediately receive a thank you email from the Give!Guide. The nonprofits to whom you have given will send your tax deductible receipts at a later date. If these receipt letters do not show up in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

If you have paid by check, your thank you and tax donation receipts will be sent upon receipt of your check. No email address? The thank you and donation receipts will be mailed to your home address.

With the exception of usual credit card fees, every penny goes to the nonprofits you have selected. Napa Valley CanDo is an all volunteer organization and does not take a fee.

You make a choice. You make a difference. Give!Guide makes it easy.